Monday, July 31, 2006

Thanks to you......

Thanks to you for your interest in "The Mighty 1090". Many of you have taken the trouble to email me about this blog.

However, NO one has taken advantage of the "comments" feature. It will add so much to this blog if you will leave a comment. At the end of each post is the word "comments" click on that and follow the instructions. Others will then be able to read your comments. You can leave your comments anonymously if you like. I would especially be interested in where you were and what you were doing when you heard KAAY. You comments will also help me determine where the blog should go. For example the post and air check on Ron Owens was prompted by an email newsletter, where someone asked "whatever happened to Walt Sadler". Please comment and comment often. Be sure and also check out the "archives".

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Whatever Happened To............

Before he died, Pat Walsh long time manager of KAAY made a recap of some of the early KAAY employees:

Marvin Vines, Farm Director died in the late 70's his funeral was huge. Attended by 2 sitting U S Senators, 1 sitting Congressman, a sitting Governor and 1 past Governor as well as the Secretary of Agriculture.

Jack Grady, ( John K. Anderson), went on to be successful as a record promoter. I think he lives in Nashville.

George J. Jennings, went to Milwaukee, came back to KAAY to work for me. Went into business for himself selling old radio programs. After that he worked for Clear Channel and my friend John Barger, now semi-retired ( Disability ) and living in San Antonio with Nancy. email ( He rarely answers email but Nancy does,)

Dub Murray ( Doc Holiday ) went on to Texas to never be heard from again, I kept the Doc Holiday name on the air for 10 years after he left.

Wayne Moss ( Sonny Martin ) went to Dayton then to manage a station in GA, I brought him back to KAAY to be my operations mgr. and he was great. After I left the new guy ran him off to bring in a friend ( who did not last ) Wayne went to Roanoke Va. as a salesperson, became sales mgr. and when the station was sold he owned 25 % of it. ( sold for 10 Mil. ) He is now retired there and he and Linda are restoring an old home, his son is a VMI grad and now an FBI agent. I also kept the Sonny Martin name on the air ( Until I left in 76. When Wayne came back I already had a Sonny Martin on the air so I let him use his own name , something I never let occur otherwise.

Howard Watson, ( Ken Knight ) went to work at KMYO in LR tried to take his on air name with him, lost in court so adopted Len Day and as that worked at KMYO KEZQ and now at a station in Hot Springs Village where he and wife Jerry moved about 6 years ago. I also kept the Ken Knight name on the air for about 8 or 9 years.

Jim Hankins ( Mike McCormick ) As you know went to KMYO in Little Rock, then to WLS in Chicago and multiple points after that. Now residing in Texas retired and I think is still married to Patti. I also kept the Mike McCormick name on the air for at least 10 years. "Mike Hankins" <>

Tom Campbell, ( Rob Robbins ) I think he went to California but don't know for sure. I also kept the Robbins name in some fashion on the air until I left in 76.

Eddie Graham studio and production engineer. Became a salesman ( Top one in the market ) worked at KAAY until the early 80's got fed up joined me at KLRA, worked there a couple of years after I left to join Fred Gregg he then bought the only 2 stations in his home town of Arkadelphia, sold them last year and he and Carolyn are visiting grandkids and he is constantly going hunting or fishing.

Felix McDonald , xmtr engineer , became Chief engineer , still takes care of KAAY transmitter ( now owned by Citadel ) bought a daytime religious AM in 78 still owns 25 % of it. Put a 25000 watt FM with a tower on land he owned down next to the KAAY
xmtr, sold it about 3 years ago to Citadel for 1.8 million. KLAL calls )

Sue Baber, secretary, deceased.

Celeste Dozier, traffic. Worked for me for years as my secretary stay when I left. Went to various markets later with Gary Friez. Managed a station in Mississippi then rejoined Gary, left Phoenix when he did went to Colorado Springs to work for Jones network, now at TM Century in Dallas running collections (see web site )

Joe Dickey , sales. Worked for me for several years, left to sign on KLAZ FM , station sold went to manage KXLR,left to move to Dallas, worked for Mutual network, came back to Little Rock now works for State of Arkansas.

Tom Bishop, mgr. Went to Texas, made a good career in producing Spanish language covers of American hit records, sold them to convenience stores in high population Mexican areas of the State. Sold out of that and became a real estate investor in Austin in the late 70's. Guess he is now retired, have not heard from him in about 5 years.

Len Carl ( Lind Voth ) Left KAAY as manager transferred to WAND TV as manger, transferred from there to New York City to run the LIN direct mail order division . Resigned as Vice President and Member of the Board of Directors in 69. Opened a direct mail company, sold it and started buying radio stations. At one time he and his partner owned 6 of them.Sold his last station in 2002. He and Margie have lived in the Tampa.St Petersburg are for over 20 years.

Ron Owens a/k/a Walt Sadler

Walt came to KAAY from Louisiana at the recomendation of Ray Brown who was then the 3rd Doc Holiday. Walt took the name "Ron Owens" and I believe he was the second. He did D.J. work, news, remotes and anything he was asked to do making friends everywhere. Walt worked as sales manager at KOKY, and news at KLRA. He was back at KAAY (religious format) when he passed away a few years ago. Here is an air check from the 11/20/69 :

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

KAAY & The KTHV Building

In the beginning KAAY, was located in the KTHV Building at 8th and Izard, Little Rock, AR. Lin Broadcasting bought the radio affiliate of KTHV and rented space in the building. This offered a great opportunity for fun with other broadcasters in the same building but not employed by the station. It was a great source of additional voices for free when needed.

As I remember, there was a bookie named Raymond who had several clients in the KTHV building. One day Raymond was arrested on the sidewalk near the Blue Goose. The ever alert news department rushed outside to film the event. Yes, in those days it was film that had to be developed and edited. Raymond was not too happy to see some of his clients capturing his demise and putting it on television.

The news department of KAAY ignored the story. After all, Raymond was a good contact.

Monday, July 03, 2006


The original Blue Goose was at 8th and Izard accross the street from KTHV.KAAY, at that time was located on the 2nd floor of the Channel 11 building. Howard Watson, known as Ken Knight on KAAY started referring to the "elegently appointed Blue Goose". He built on this illusion for the listeners by describing the LR elete arriving for the floor show.Night after night to 40 states and 19 foreign countries he painted a vivid picture of a great night club with floor shows and all the trappings. Of course locals knew there were only two tables in the Blue Goose and those were usually taken by George Moore or other KTHV celebreties. The bar-b-que was great and the beer coldest in town.One evening a couple appeared at the door looking quite bewildred and lost. Come to find out they were from Wisconsin and had called trying to make reservations for the floor show. Or course the Blue Goose owner and help were completely oblivious to all that was going on. By proping open the control room door and looking out the windowed stairway, "the wierd beard" could see all that was going on and verbally fanticize even more.