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My Favorite Radio Station WCFL

Every DJ has his favorite radio station other than his own. Mine was WCFL. It really didn't become my favorite until after I left KAAY. I became familiar with a jingle package done by Chuck Blore for WCFL. I was so impressed. When I moved to Decatur, Il to the TV station Lin Broadcasting had purchased WAND,I could hear WCFL during the day. This was the time period when Dick Orkin was at CFL and Chickenman was produced. Their production was the greatest in the country. The DJs were also super. Larry Lujack went back and forth between WLS and WCFL. I believe Ken Draper was the PD responsible for the sound. Here in the player on the far right is an aircheck shortly after Thanksgiving in the 70s. If someone can nail the year I would appreciate it. Also, here is the link for anyone wanting to save it to your computer:


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Translation Please

I am always interested in the reach of this blog. My counter reports over 52 countries and 17 different languages.

Does anyone know how to translate a blogger page into English?

Here is a link to a blog that mentions Beaker Street and links to this blog but I have no idea what it is saying.

Incidentally this blog was about 15 down the list of referring sites to this blog.

KAAY 1968 Aircheck

This aircheck starts with Marvin Vines closing out his farm block that ran 6-6:30 AM.
Then you will hear a Tom Perryman ID, more upbeat that usual. Sonny Martin a/k/a Matt White intros George J. Jennings with the news of Senator Robert F. Kennedy being shot.
This aircheck runs about 13 minutes. Player to the extreme right.

It has been pointed out to me the new player system I am using makes it difficult to save the airchecks. With the podomatic stuff it is very obvious. To assist you in saving the airchecks in the future, I will put a link in the text here and all you have to do is right click on the link and select "save link as" to save to your computer. Here is the link:


KAAY Chirstmas Jingles

To put you in the Christmas spirit here are the KAAY Christmas Jingles:

KTHS Remembered

Dear A. J.,

I told you I was a longtime listener to 1090 KC., but I never told you how it all started. I talked my parents into buying me a little tube type portable radio. It was 1957, and I was ten years old. One night I was up late, and I heard KTHS. This seemed quite amazing to me, so I decided to leave the radio dial tuned to 1090 KC. The next day I brought the radio down by Gary Wegner (KAAY "Dixie" signoff) to show him how my radio would pick-up a station as far away as Little Rock, Arkansas. When I turned the radio on for Gary to behold my discovery, there was nothing but a little bit of hissing noise coming out of the speaker. We were both disappointed. That night my father explained about the ionosphere and skywave only occurring around the hours of darkness on the AM radio band. It is sad to realize the 1090 KHz signal from Little Rock is barely heard here anymore.

My next contribution will be the "KAAY Kissing Tone" recording from 1962.


Ron Henselman

Friday, November 28, 2008

The First KTHS/KTHV Building

I graduated high school from Mabelvale Hi just outside of Little Rock. When Central Hi in Little Rock was closed many students joined us at Mabelvale. I got an email from Raymond Merritt who also graduated from Mabelvale and has done some great work on a website with more than just Mabelvale Hi. It has a lot of memories of the 50s and 60s and the photo above was on his site. The significance of this photo is the KTHS sign.(double click on the image for a better view.) This was the building where KTHS/KTHV was located on Main St. before the building on Izard was built. At first just KTHS was located there but as the TV license was granted, a very crowded radio studio also hosted KTHV. Raymond's sight is great even if you have no interest in Mabelvale or Little Rock. There are some great memory items there. Here is the site link:

Below is the text from the site that goes with the picture:

Main Street looking north from about a half block south of Fourth Street in 1956. The single traffic light is a part of the new "Denver Lights" which allowed pedestrians to walk directly from any corner to any other corner. Note the absence of overhead transit power lines that were present in 1950. By 1956 the transition was complete and all busses were diesel-powered.

Some of the businesses I can make out with a magnified version of this picture are:

From south to north, west side of the street (left side, going away)

Woolworth, 400 Main
Blass, 4th and Main
Green's Furs, 304 Main
New Theater, 112 Main (in the distance)
Hotel Grady Manning (The two-tone white-topped red-brick building at Markham and Main)

From south to north, east side of the street (right side, going away)

The edge of the Center Theater marquee, 407 Main
Worthen Bank and Trust, 401 Main
Economy Drugs, 4th and Main
Livingston's Family Credit Apparel Store, 317 Main
KTHS, 313 Main

Ann Pressly Alleged Killer Caught

I have not posted this story, because it seems to have gotten national play. In case you have Little Rock ties and have not heard this story, here is a link:

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Perryman Comment

A.J. I love all the air checks and bits of audio from KAAY. The jingles thrill me. But the Perryman clip is the biggest thrill of all. Whatever Pat did to keep him involved (and I think I got one of those broken shoe polishers too) was a real stroke. That voice was KAAY.

Jerry Sims
I couldn't have said it better. In the succession of program directors the only thing they all agreed on, was to keep Tom Perryman doing the station IDs and image builders.
Pat certainly contributed to keeping him happy because just like the programming side, Pat recognized the voice and the talent there. The scripts were always written and produced by the program director or Eddie Graham. However, they were certainly influenced by previous work. The credit for starting Tom doing the voicers was Jim Hankins a/k/a (the first) Mike McCormick. I will try someday to go through the airchecks I have and just pull out the Perryman IDs. That would make a great reel.

Thanks Alert Reader

Thanks to the alert reader who pointed out the Tom Perryman and the Tom Roberts airchecks in the players on the right were the same thing.

When I added the Perryman cut I named the file "Tom" which was the same name I had given the Roberts cut. duhhhhhh.....

Did you ever mislabel a cart and something bad got on the air?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


nonymous has left a new comment on your post "More Ham":

Here is a reply from my buddy Doug, W5DUG, on being a deejay and Ham:

"Hi Bud,
I didn't have my ticket the first time I went on the air at a local radio station, but when in El Paso, I did."

Bud, KC4HGH, Mobile, AL

More on Tom Perryman Station IDs

On the far right top player is a short aircheck of one of the earliest Tom Perryman voice tracks doing a KAAY station ID. Following the ID is discussion from a Timeless Tracks program that Tony Warnier did on the 40th anaversary of KAAY. Also heard on the cut is Pat Walsh (former manager who almost never talked on the air until this pgm)and myself.

Here is a link so that you can record this on your computer:


Right on Target

I think I have linked to this guy before. Here is a long piece but it nails today's radio. It also relates elements of success of early rock and roll radio.

More Ham

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Were DJs Hams?":

A.J., one of my fellow Hams, W5DUG, Doug Robbins, was a radio personality over in Memphis TN. Here he is:

I forgot to ask him, but I think he got his callsign after he got out of the biz. I'll check with him later

Monday, November 24, 2008

Comment on post below about a bicycle radio

I have seen "bicycle mobile" regarding Ham radio, but this is a first for listening to AM/FM radio! It shows someone was thinking, and really loved their music.hobby!

Comment on were DJs Hams?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Were DJs Hams?":

Hello, Ron, from Bud, KC4HGH! Couldn't see your e-mail on QRZ, so could you contact me directly, please?

Thanks! Bud, Mobile, AL

Vatican ‘forgives’ John Lennon

LONDON: The Vatican has forgiven late English singer John Lennon for saying four decades ago that the Beatles were “more popular” than Jesus Christ. Mr. Lennon told a British newspaper in 1966 that he didn’t know “which will go first, rock ‘n’ roll or Christianity” — a remark that led to public burnings of the Beatles’ records in the United States Bible Belt.

But the Vatican’s official newspaper the ‘L’Osservatore Romano’ said that Mr. Lennon had just been showing off.

“The talent of Mr.Lennon and the other Beatles gave us some of the best pages in modern pop music. After so many years it sounds merely like the boasting of an English working-class lad struggling to cope with unexpected success,” the newspaper said. — PTI

Flute jazz version of "Where there's life" jingle. Obviously before pop tops.

Close your Eyes...It was a great Radio Jingle

I really loved Top-40 radio in the early 70's and couldn't go anywhere without it. I installed a 1962 Ford car radio on my old Schwinn in high school. It was with this "radio bike" that I would occasionally ride to Grand View Drive (a drive overlooking the Illinois River valley) at night and listen to "Beaker Street" on KAAY.
This is from The Larry Ware Collection on Reel Radio. Reel Radio is worth subscribing too. There are lots of great airchecks. Unfortunately there are only of couple of KAAY that have been widely distributed. Thanks Bud for the tip on this.

Comment on Carlin

That was COOL! I listened to George Carlin until he got really nasty or got to be a really mean comic, after all his heart attacks, but this was FUNNY! Thanks, Doc! Bud, Mobile, AL
This comment pertains to the George Carlin post below. I totally agree. I don't understand why comics think they have to cuss or be dirty to be funny.

Were DJs Hams?

This is Ron Henselman from Melrose Park, IL. I think I was the first contributor to
mention I have a ham radio license. My call sign is W9FT, and I don't have 50, 000 Watts.
I did get a first class FCC license with a ship radar endorsement. Yes KAAY warped my mind,
and I still work in radio related fields.

I expect to be contributing a few more early KAAY skywave recordings and maybe even a recording
of KTHS 1090 Kilocycles. I was a strange fifteen year old kid who swiped his older sister's tape recorder
for devious purposes such as recording KAAY. I never dreamed anyone would like to hear what I recorded
forty-six years later. Let's hope my old acetate tapes hold together long enough to digitize them for the
KAAY blog.

Who said DJ's are not hams? I think Emperor Weber, W9FFB, is still a ham here in the Chicago area.


Ron W9FT

Time Killer for those of you at work

Here's an almost 10 minute time killer for those of you at work:

Sunday, November 23, 2008

George Carlin

George Carlin did a great satire on top 40 radio. It's worth listening to again.

Here is the link:

Where Were You?

Everyone remembers where they were when they heard JFK had been shot. I would really like to have lots of comments of where you were. So please leave one.

I think I have said before, I was working for KAAY and going to college. I was in the car headed for school when I heard the news and made a u-turn back to the station. George J. Jennings was on his way to Dallas for vacation. (He was originally from Dallas) He drove even faster and immediately started calling in reports. We had no network at the time, so we originated everything. At first it was Associated Press reports but then as George started feeding reports, and we were able to get voicers from other stations the coverage grew rapidly. I don't remember when we decided rock and roll was not appropriate at the time, but at some point we suspended top 40. Jim Pitcock put together a great hour long special with voice tracks from everyone at the station, actualities, and some of the best production music I have ever heard. Jim and I lament that the master recording has been lost and no copy has ever surfaced. I remember we needed a short clip of "Taps" to play under some narration. We couldn't find it anywhere and a fraternity friend Bob Sealy put his fingers in his mouth close to the mike and made us a recording of taps.

So, where were you? Leave a comment.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Is XM changing?

I notice on the 60s channel they are not running the XM jingles. They seem to be editing the jingles to not refer to XM. I also notice some new production elements that sound like they were done by some just out of FM radio production school.

This warning to current management. As an XM subscriber who liked the old XM, I will be looking for a reason to cancel. With all the download music services on the internet I don't need another juke box. I liked the DJs, the production elements, the jingles, the very large play list. The minute I detect XM-Sirius is using music research to shorten the playlist, reduce the talk or other efforts to make it just another FM channel, count me out of there.

Thanks for the Hits

Yesterday was close to an all time high in number of "hits" to this blog. Which is strange, Fridays are usually down and the weekends are off considerably.

Thanks to all of you for reading. That's what keeps me going.

Thanks too for the contributors that help me with new old material.

After all Thanksgiving is coming up and we all have so much to be thankful for.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Interesting Beaker Street Clip

It's short but very significant. It has a Spanish ID. Then the Multi Media ownership...then introing Tom Roberts as host of Beaker Street. Here it on the player on the extreme right.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This comment applies to the first "Cart Machine" post...scroll way down

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Cart Machines":

Ahh, these bring back memories for me. The cart machine is an ITC "Delta III", which was introduced during my years in Bloomington (and post-KAAY). The audio console is very similar to the ones I installed in the new KAAY building on Cottondale Lane when we built the new building.
Thanks for the memories!! /DM/

(Thie cart machine immediately below is a Spotmaster. In no way to be confused with and ITC. -AJ)

Monday, November 17, 2008

More on Cart Machines

Above is Jerry Sims a/k/a Sonny Martin, now holding a KAAY Spotmaster. Jerry tells me Felix McDonald, long time KAAY Chief Engineer, gave him this relic found at the transmitter. You will notice the Emperor Holiday sticker with the word maneauvers spelled wrong. Several of us approved the art work and the silk screener never corrected the spelling. When a listener pointed it out we simply said it was done on purpose as all the Emperor material it was a farce and/or satire.

This cart machine was probably used at the transmitter for Beaker Street. There was a studio setup in a bomb shelter that was almost never used. Beaker Street originated upstairs so Clyde/Dale could keep an eye on the transmitter.

Thanks Jerry for the photo and his wife Leslie for taking it.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Budweiser Jingles

As you know I am a big jingle fan. Over the years, especially the 60s and 70s Budweiser had some of the best. Does anyone have any? I have a couple but not the really good ones.

In case you missed this a while ago, with Veteran's Day this week I thought this might be appropriate:

Correction on Date

The aircheck on top to the right is April 3 not 13 as was previously posted.

Mystery Solved Thanks Bruce M.

A.J. I heard from Bruce M. and he provided a link that solves the mystery of the intro music to Beaker Street that I've/we've been looking for! It's the MOOG version of "House of The Rising Sun" and can be found here:

When you get to the link's website, you can click on the "House of The Rising Sun" and hear the entire version! It, and the other selections, are downloadable as well.

Please give Bruce M. all the credit for finding this...all I'm doing is passing on the information!

Bud Stacey, Mobile, AL

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

This presentation is several years old. I have seen it and used it in classes dozens of times but on this Veteran's Day it will still bring a tear:

Another Beaker Street Aircheck

Sometime back Bud sent me a Clyde Clifford aircheck for April 13, 1971. It was in two parts and I only posted part one. So, over on the right is a new player with Part 2.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Future of Radio

WKRP Episodes Streamed on the Web

I hope you have been enjoying WKRP on WGN (cable)Sunday nights. Now I have found episodes streamed on the web. (for all of you who need something to watch at work)
Here is the link:

What has your ad agency done for you recently?

Cart Machines

In the past, I have written about cart machines. If you have not been in radio you may not have ever encountered "the cart machine". These are now obsolete, but I will bet, somewhere in America there is a station still using cart machines. If you know of one let me know. For those of you who are in the dark here is a video of a cart machine in action. On thing, the board being used has slider faders. In my day the knobs on the board were round, mechanical, and a source of problems.

And here is a "old style" board:

Great Jingle Montage, logos and some Surveys

Bay of Pigs (no not a reference to Sat's Game

In the past I have written and posted part of RIchard Robertson's disertation on the use of 50,000 watt radio stations to broadcast to Cuba during the bay of pigs incident. I have even had response from Cuba about that subject. At KAAY we often received response from Cuba. Even though we were in English, there was a clamor for rock and roll. I would again like to hear from anyone in Cuba if they listened or listen now to KAAY.

Meanwhile, here is the conclusion of one of Richard's papers:
The use of private commercial radio stations during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 was unprecedented in the history of the United States. President Kennedy relied heavily on his propaganda agency, the USIA, and its broadcast propaganda arm, the Voice of America. The effort to prepare and secure the radio stations for broadcasting to the island of Cuba went quite smoothly and was accomplished in a short period of time.
The ten radio stations did get some publicity from their effort in cooperating with the government, but received no money from the government for the air time. Newspapers carried both locally written and stories from the Associated Press in New York, Little Rock, and Kansas City. However, in interviews with individuals during the research process, few people remembered this aspect of the crisis. This included officials at the FCC, VOA, USIA, and others. Most of the publicity was not that great in comparison to other angles used in news coverages. It is possible that the use of the commercial broadcast radio stations may have been "lost" in the shuffle, especially since the major news interest was what Soviet Russia was going to do in regard to the missiles in Cuba.
There was no way at that time to determine what kind of penetration or impact the broadcasts had during the crisis. Signal strength tests revealed that the stations covered the island of Cuba, but no type of audience poll or survey could be conducted. While KAAY in Little Rock did receive letters, which showed that some people were listening, how many is not known. The impact of the VOA transmissions on the Cuban people is an unknown as well. If the Cubans heard the broadcasts, did they (the broadcasts) effectively sway their opinion? It was suggested that Castro practiced "jamming" the signals, so that the effectiveness would be reduced, but there is no data to support this.
At no point in the research was the question of CIA involvement answered. Radio station officials, as well as FCC and USIA officials denied it. A cooperating radio station employee stated that an FCC field inspector told him that the FBI watched the transmitter locations at the ten radio stations around the country for possible sabotage, but there was nothing to substantiate this statement. An official at the USIA said that the CIA had made "such a mess" of the Bay of Pigs a year earlier, that he felt the CIA was told to "lay low" and not participate.
According to the USIA, the Cuban Missile Crisis was indeed the first time in U.S. history that private radio stations were utilized to carry propaganda programs for political ends directly to foreign countries. In this author's opinion it has not happened again. No evidence could be found to support any further usage by the USIA. It would now be difficult to achieve in today's fragmented media environment, taking into account the media and political environments of the present day. CNN and the "global village" concept, along with computer interlinks, may make this type of activity more difficult (Wilson; Robinson, 1997).
The event does raise ethical questions as to whether or not the government should have handled the broadcasts in this manner. In 1962 radio stations were licensed for a period of three years, and while the station owners willingly gave up blocks of air time for this government effort, they surely had the question of applying for renewal of their license on their minds. This may have played a significant part in their decision to offer their stations for use by the government.
Further research might investigate whether any USIA programs or materials were used after the Cuban missile crisis; does the USIA have any links to radiio and television stations in the United States on any level?; what, if any is the current relationship between the USIA and U.S. broadcast stations?; are there new methods of disseminating propaganda in the current technological environments, and are current propaganda transmissions to foreign countries effective?

Beaker Background Music

John Shultz said...

I listened to the attached aircheck, and it's a different date than the one I was referring to. What you sent me uses music that sounds for all the world like a music library needle drop from the late sixties or early seventies, the kind of stuff that got direct distribution to production houses and stations, but was ultimately disposable. Unless you cross paths with a good-natured radio old-timer who has both a great memory and a packrat obsession, the origin of that piece of music is likely long lost, and the probability of laying one's hands on it just about non-existent. But I'd love to be proven wrong on this...

The cut I was describing is from the 4/3/71 aircheck, which starts with the three-testicle voice intoning "The Mighty 1090". There are two pieces of "If 6 Was 9" used there, but there's also a wolf howl edited in. Any ideas where that came from? My first guess would be some obscure Ted Nugent, but that's just a guess.


Sunday, November 09, 2008

More more more...wait that was a disco song.....

Anonymous said...

Bruce, on the Beaker Street FAQ site, Clyde/Dale mentioned that he switched over to KLAZ about 1974, "the first significant FM station" (I guess in the area?)

Wonder if you got the last of him on KAAY, or was it early in his tenure on KLAZ-FM? Do you have more recordings, please? My e-mail address is:,
Bud, Mobile, AL

6:48 PM

Note to John Schultz

Anonymous said...

NOTE, to John Schultz: I have an MP3 I'd like to e-mail you, for perusal...please contact me at:

Bud, Mobile, AL

Discussed on Algodar

Al Godar said...

This was recently posted and discussed in Algodar. I thought you might be interested.

During daytime it was the Dobliu. By seven or eight in the evening the signal was fading out until it was not audible anymore. It was then that we tuned “Key-ey-ey-why”.
At the end of 66, a guy who said he was called Clyde Clifford aired a strange program starting at midnight: Beaker Street. Unlike other DJs, he used to speak very slowly against a background of space music and bizarre sounds; he played music unheard of in other stations. Underground. Many of these strange songs later found their way into what is today considered Classic Rock.
The program aired until 77 although in the end, stereo FM has taken away Clifford and almost all of his listeners. KAAY became a religious music station. Today Beaker Street is on the internet and there is a KAAY blog with an interesting story on the role of the station in the transmissions of the VOA for Cuba. Clifford also has his blog, although he doesn’t writes much about music anymore.
Not to be confused with Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty.

Al Godar

Fab Four in Alma AR Sat. Night

Sorry I have been behind on posting lately. The excitement in Alma this weekend was a concert at the Alma Performing Arts Center.

The Fab Four, a Beatles tribute band did a great show to an almost sold out house.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Beaker Street Intro Music

I always try to post comments also as a main entry, just in case you don't read all the comments.

I am not sure if i published this one so to make sure here it is:

Blogger John Shultz said...

The music I have heard in the intros of the early seventies airchecks is from Jimi Hendrix's tune "If 6 Was 9" from his "Axis: Bold as Love" album from 1967. It was also used in the soundtrack for "Easy Rider". The intro excerpted from the middle of the piece, where Hendrix was using feedback from his amp to create a psuedo-melodic electronic warbling that is unmistakably psychedelic. A perfect choice.

Question for Bruce

Thanks for the aircheck, Bruce. Where were you when the recordings were made? Thanks! /DM/

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

New Beaker Street Airchecks

AJ -

I have 2 short air checks of Beaker Street in it's later years. Might be worth posting.

BS 1977 - Poor quality, it might require a little editing. Stuart is closing Led Zeppelin's Kashmir, and then talks about the new Rush, Farewell to Kings album. This places the clip around Sept of 1977, the album release date. I was 16 at the time, and lived in Hannibal, MO.

BS 1975 - The DJ sounds like Clyde, but what do I know? He closes Black Sabbath - Megalomania (Sabotage album rel. Aug. 1975). I'm pretty sure this clip was recorded between then and no later than the Spring of 1976, while I lived in Jefferson City, MO.

Both were mic'd from a transistor radio onto a mono cassette recorder.

I read the blog discussion about BS's later years at KAAY, and was glad to read it. I didn't realize they extended the show to 4:30 am. I usually went to sleep within the first hour - had to get up early for school. The 1977 clip also confirms Stuart as a DJ. I believe you said the show ended in 1977, so the above clip in Sept 1977 must have been very close to the end of BS at KAAY?

I began listening to BS in 1972/1973. I had a bunch of teeth pulled one day to get ready for braces, and I couldn't sleep that night. So I was turning the dial and stumbled across BS, and was hooked. I wonder if there are other air checks from this 1975 - 1977 era?

Please don't post my email address, but you can post my comments & give credit to Bruce M, Houston, TX.

Thanks Bruce,
Airchecks are on players over in the right hand column. I have not edited them.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Great Pat Walsh Story from Tom Perryman

Well, I suppose there are a lot of stories regarding the old radio days of the Sixties, but most of the ones I know concern Louisville and WAKY. Pat Walsh became Mgr. of KAAY, about the same time, roughly, that I became a Mgr. at WIL AM/FM, St. Louis...he probably had some time more than me as Mgr. Anyway, he was always very direct in his conversations with everybody..and he considered himself pretty much a good 'ole boy..which he was. Very southern with his views. I remember one night in New York when the President of LIN Broadcasting took us to dinner at a very nice little restaurant in Manhattan. There was 4 of us, including Don Pels, the President..I remember just behind us was Arthur Godfrey having his dinner...anyway...Pat must have insulted Don with some
statement regarding integration or some such which apparently didn't sit well with Don, as he decided to leave rather quickly. I know Pat didn't mean to come across as it sounded, but he didn't mince words and was too direct for some people. He was to me a very nice and caring person. I think it must have been him who promoted KAAY as the 50,000 watt Hog-Calling Service of LIN Broadcasting Co...Razorbacks and did tie in. Pat had some way in finding out all the goings on in LIN and radio in general...if you wanted to know the latest rumors, Pat was the man to call. Pat was always nice to me and even after I left LIN to go to WFAA Dallas in1963, he had his production people ask me to keep doing some of his call letter promotion and news intro's. I was glad to do it (no payment, of course) and out of gratitude for my doing so, they sent me a battery operated shoe shine kit that didn't work! KAAY was great sounding Top 40 station and its signal covered thousands of square miles and a lot of people listened to it. Radio back then relied on the newest music and good DJ's and fast breaking news reports to survive. The promotions were fun and plentiful and listeners never knew what to expect. Well, I gotta go for now...
Regards, Tom Perryman (Tom Perry back then).

"The Voice" of KAAY Located

Many thanks to Bud Stacey for tracking down Tom Perryman a/k/a Tom Perry. Tom is the big voice that we have wrote about several times. He is the voice for all most all of the KAAY ids. Tom would mail reel to reel tapes of the voice tracks to KAAY and their the music, echo, and production would be added. He never worked for KAAY but did the voice tracks from the beginning to the end. Pat Walsh the manager for most of the time, took care of compinsating Tom for his great work. Tom is now doing a DJ shift on

Sunday, November 02, 2008

XM Progamming Note

vdog said...

ON XM Ch. 2 they are playing every pop music hit starting from the 1930's to today. It will be done in 96 hours. On Sunday morning the fall of '62 was covered. As I am writing this, they are at late '63-early '64.

9:56 AM

Some Good News at KATV

vdog said...

There is some better news to share concerning KATV. The steel for the new tower arrived to Thursday.
The new tower is scheduled to be completed around the middle of January. This is around the time of the one year anniversary of the collaspe of the prevoius tower.
The new tower will be located on Shinall Mountain. I saw the footage on the news this evening and the concrete foundation is finished.

Some Good News at KATV

vdog said...

There is some better news to share concerning KATV. The steel for the new tower arrived to Thursday.
The new tower is scheduled to be completed around the middle of January. This is around the time of the one year anniversary of the collaspe of the prevoius tower.
The new tower will be located on Shinall Mountain. I saw the footage on the news this evening and the concrete foundation is finished.

Message to John Shultz and RIchard Robinson

Anonymous said...

Message to John Shultz and Richard Robinson: I have a short attachment I'd like to send you both for perusal! Please contact me via e-mail at:

Thanks, guys and thanks, A. J.! Bud, Mobile, AL

Jonnie King (Subject of several posts previously)


I am writing this one-handed so please bear with me.

Tues. Oct. 21st I suffered a severe accident here at my home. My cars were in my driveway and my newly aquired 57 Dodge D-500, which was running, in neutral & had the parking brake on, jumped into gear and was headed for the rear of my 97 Olds LSS.

I tried to run as fast as I could to stop it, my foot got caught in the gravel and I slipped and was propelled forward and headfirst/chestfirst into the concrete, the gravel and the ground.

My right hand was sliced open leaving a flap, my jaw was broken in 3 places, my right shoulder was dislocated AND broken, my right big toe was broken, 2 of my ribs were broken, my knees were severely scraped. I spent over 13 hours in 2 different emergency rooms.

My jaw was operated on and is now wired shut and has screws in all of the side joints, my left hand required 13 stitches, my bruises are still not healed, and my right big toe is now getting some feeling in it.

My right shoulder is another story. It still has to be operated on and may require a complete new socket/ball replacement. That surgery may be next week...depending on how stable my vitals and body are to accept another surgery.

Recovery time for both of these procedures jaw & shoulder could be as long as two months. And, since I can only drink fluids through a straw, my body is not going to heal as fast as if I had real food to eat.

At this time I ask you all, my friends, to just keep me in your prayers and thoughts. Since I can't reach everybody with this note, please tell our other Industry friends about the situation so they will understand.

I will return to working on the WebSite when I can...but I know you now understand the circumstances. I live alone, so that makes the problem a little more hard to bear, trying to work everything out on my own.

Thank you for your friendship & support.

Jonnie King