Tuesday, November 25, 2008


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Here is a reply from my buddy Doug, W5DUG, on being a deejay and Ham:

"Hi Bud,
I didn't have my ticket the first time I went on the air at a local radio station, but when in El Paso, I did."

Bud, KC4HGH, Mobile, AL

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Anonymous said...

A.J., I've found a link of "famous Hams" that is interesting...numerous ones were involved in broadcasting, as well! K1ADJ, a producer and Hollywood exec; W1AST, Chief Engineer; N1JZS, author and actor; W1KFG, founder of college-run radio and Intercollegiate Broadcast System (IBS); K2AGZ, prolific composer; K2GL, inventer of Cinerama stereophinic system; W2MGE, radio personality for "Make Believe Ballroom" for NYC radio stations; and many, many more! here's the link:


Bud, KC4HGH, near Mobile, AL