Tuesday, November 04, 2008

New Beaker Street Airchecks

AJ -

I have 2 short air checks of Beaker Street in it's later years. Might be worth posting.

BS 1977 - Poor quality, it might require a little editing. Stuart is closing Led Zeppelin's Kashmir, and then talks about the new Rush, Farewell to Kings album. This places the clip around Sept of 1977, the album release date. I was 16 at the time, and lived in Hannibal, MO.

BS 1975 - The DJ sounds like Clyde, but what do I know? He closes Black Sabbath - Megalomania (Sabotage album rel. Aug. 1975). I'm pretty sure this clip was recorded between then and no later than the Spring of 1976, while I lived in Jefferson City, MO.

Both were mic'd from a transistor radio onto a mono cassette recorder.

I read the blog discussion about BS's later years at KAAY, and was glad to read it. I didn't realize they extended the show to 4:30 am. I usually went to sleep within the first hour - had to get up early for school. The 1977 clip also confirms Stuart as a DJ. I believe you said the show ended in 1977, so the above clip in Sept 1977 must have been very close to the end of BS at KAAY?

I began listening to BS in 1972/1973. I had a bunch of teeth pulled one day to get ready for braces, and I couldn't sleep that night. So I was turning the dial and stumbled across BS, and was hooked. I wonder if there are other air checks from this 1975 - 1977 era?

Please don't post my email address, but you can post my comments & give credit to Bruce M, Houston, TX.

Thanks Bruce,
Airchecks are on players over in the right hand column. I have not edited them.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the aircheck, Bruce. Where were you when the recordings were made? Thanks! /DM/

Anonymous said...

Bruce, on the Beaker Street FAQ site, Clyde/Dale mentioned that he switched over to KLAZ about 1974, "the first significant FM station" (I guess in the area?)


Wonder if you got the last of him on KAAY, or was it early in his tenure on KLAZ-FM? Do you have more recordings, please? My e-mail address is: melvin.stacey@cummins.com...thanks,
Bud, Mobile, AL