Monday, November 17, 2008

More on Cart Machines

Above is Jerry Sims a/k/a Sonny Martin, now holding a KAAY Spotmaster. Jerry tells me Felix McDonald, long time KAAY Chief Engineer, gave him this relic found at the transmitter. You will notice the Emperor Holiday sticker with the word maneauvers spelled wrong. Several of us approved the art work and the silk screener never corrected the spelling. When a listener pointed it out we simply said it was done on purpose as all the Emperor material it was a farce and/or satire.

This cart machine was probably used at the transmitter for Beaker Street. There was a studio setup in a bomb shelter that was almost never used. Beaker Street originated upstairs so Clyde/Dale could keep an eye on the transmitter.

Thanks Jerry for the photo and his wife Leslie for taking it.

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