Saturday, November 29, 2008

KTHS Remembered

Dear A. J.,

I told you I was a longtime listener to 1090 KC., but I never told you how it all started. I talked my parents into buying me a little tube type portable radio. It was 1957, and I was ten years old. One night I was up late, and I heard KTHS. This seemed quite amazing to me, so I decided to leave the radio dial tuned to 1090 KC. The next day I brought the radio down by Gary Wegner (KAAY "Dixie" signoff) to show him how my radio would pick-up a station as far away as Little Rock, Arkansas. When I turned the radio on for Gary to behold my discovery, there was nothing but a little bit of hissing noise coming out of the speaker. We were both disappointed. That night my father explained about the ionosphere and skywave only occurring around the hours of darkness on the AM radio band. It is sad to realize the 1090 KHz signal from Little Rock is barely heard here anymore.

My next contribution will be the "KAAY Kissing Tone" recording from 1962.


Ron Henselman

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