Sunday, November 02, 2008

Jonnie King (Subject of several posts previously)


I am writing this one-handed so please bear with me.

Tues. Oct. 21st I suffered a severe accident here at my home. My cars were in my driveway and my newly aquired 57 Dodge D-500, which was running, in neutral & had the parking brake on, jumped into gear and was headed for the rear of my 97 Olds LSS.

I tried to run as fast as I could to stop it, my foot got caught in the gravel and I slipped and was propelled forward and headfirst/chestfirst into the concrete, the gravel and the ground.

My right hand was sliced open leaving a flap, my jaw was broken in 3 places, my right shoulder was dislocated AND broken, my right big toe was broken, 2 of my ribs were broken, my knees were severely scraped. I spent over 13 hours in 2 different emergency rooms.

My jaw was operated on and is now wired shut and has screws in all of the side joints, my left hand required 13 stitches, my bruises are still not healed, and my right big toe is now getting some feeling in it.

My right shoulder is another story. It still has to be operated on and may require a complete new socket/ball replacement. That surgery may be next week...depending on how stable my vitals and body are to accept another surgery.

Recovery time for both of these procedures jaw & shoulder could be as long as two months. And, since I can only drink fluids through a straw, my body is not going to heal as fast as if I had real food to eat.

At this time I ask you all, my friends, to just keep me in your prayers and thoughts. Since I can't reach everybody with this note, please tell our other Industry friends about the situation so they will understand.

I will return to working on the WebSite when I can...but I know you now understand the circumstances. I live alone, so that makes the problem a little more hard to bear, trying to work everything out on my own.

Thank you for your friendship & support.

Jonnie King

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