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This was recently posted and discussed in Algodar. I thought you might be interested.

During daytime it was the Dobliu. By seven or eight in the evening the signal was fading out until it was not audible anymore. It was then that we tuned “Key-ey-ey-why”.
At the end of 66, a guy who said he was called Clyde Clifford aired a strange program starting at midnight: Beaker Street. Unlike other DJs, he used to speak very slowly against a background of space music and bizarre sounds; he played music unheard of in other stations. Underground. Many of these strange songs later found their way into what is today considered Classic Rock.
The program aired until 77 although in the end, stereo FM has taken away Clifford and almost all of his listeners. KAAY became a religious music station. Today Beaker Street is on the internet and there is a KAAY blog with an interesting story on the role of the station in the transmissions of the VOA for Cuba. Clifford also has his blog, although he doesn’t writes much about music anymore.
Not to be confused with Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty.

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