Monday, March 31, 2008

Comment worth a main post

In Sunday's Arkansas Democrat Gazette, on the front page of the Style section, there are two veteran Little Rock Radio Personalities. They are Bob Robbins and Tom Wood. Bob is the big country morning DJ, who once was a big rock-n-roll DJ at KAAY.
Tom Wood recently started his new station TOM-FM 106.7. He was at MAGIC 105 when it went on the air
until it recently departed the airwaves. There aren't many longtime air personalities left.
The only other one is Tommy Smith,
who does mornings on 103.7 The Buzz. He was also at MAGIC 105 when it started. He will make a
mention of KAAY every now and then.


Here is a great montage of great radio stations and their jingles. Most are AM. Sorry KAAY is not in the mix. You'll hear a lot of Pams and Trila Hart. Also the logos are great.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

XM/Sirius Merger Comment

OK, I’ll bite.

Satellite radio has a two-fold problem. First, you have to subscribe to its service, and many people aren’t compelled to pay $13 a month just to listen to the radio, even if it might sound better. Second, you have to have a special radio to receive satellite radio, and not everyone has one or even wants to get one. The status quo is just fine, thank you very much. Besides that, why should I pay for something that I already get for free? These are fundamental obstacles that have to be overcome.

Neither does the public have the motivation to find out about satellite radio. Indeed some people think satellite radio is a rich kid’s toy and in fact their personal financial priorities may prohibit the buy-in and subscription. Satellite radio is a niche product that may not be suitable for a segment of the public for a whole host of reasons. I’m sure there are other factors, but these are the ones that pop into my mind when I think about it -

So if I were the King of Satellite Radio, what would I do?

First of all make certain that every new car that is sold has a satellite radio in it. This is already being done to a large degree.

Second, give those new car owners a darned good reason to subscribe after their 3 month gratis subscription runs out. Create a special price for first time subscribers as a buy-in initiative.

Also, a limited number of satellite “free to air” channels would do. One country music, one pop music, one classic rock, and one news and information channel. These would be just a tease at what’s available if you “subscribe today”. The free-to-air channels would also self promote the subscription services, as well as horizontal and vertical promotion of programs available on other channels (things you can only hear if you subscribe!).

I would also make the Free to Air channels commercial. Sell airtime, just like it’s being done on the conventional FTA AM and FM channels, and create a revenue stream.

Third, I would make subscriptions less expensive (see below). This would encourage more people to subscribe because the price of entry is not so formidable. My theory is that someone would be more likely to pay $5 a month than he would be paying $13 a month for similar services. More subscriptions even though at lower price will yield more overall revenue.

Fourth, I would have a tiered service package available. Something like this –

* Select any 25 channels $6 / month

* Select any 50 channels $7 / month

* Full service, all channels $13 / month

* Premium packages prices al-la-carte

Add a “family” subscription rate for each tier that is attractive enough to keep those unused satellite receivers activated.

[In my own case, I have two cars with XM receivers, but only 1 car is licensed! Wouldn’t XM be happy if I picked up a license for that 2nd car? In my own sense of value, I think $13 a month is expensive, and the additional expense of a second receiver is out of the question! If they said $13 a month for two receivers, I might consider that.]

Fifth, I would eliminate duplicated services on Sirius and XM. This would help reduce the number of transponder channels required and thereby reduce the overall operating cost. Also combine the studios, technical plants, business operations and combine staff where possible, to reduce overall headcount.

Sixth, I would eliminate “marginal” channels to reduce operating cost and transponder expense. XM has channels that I would never consider listening to, and I suspect that there are numerous channels that have very limited listenership. Sirius and XM both have channels that fit this category. Just because you can broadcast 100 channels doesn’t mean it is a good idea, especially when some channels have few if any people listening. Trim 20% of the channels now offered, eliminate the duplication of channel formats, and use the additional transponder space for new and more innovative services.

Seventh, Sirius and XM have to do a much better job keeping subscribers. They are LOUSY at keeping subscribers, and their customer service (XM anyway) is really bad. How do you keep subscribers? See above.

Eighth, receivers must be made more flexible. My Honda car radio is forever bound to XM. What if I wanted to someday change to Sirius? I can’t because my receiver won’t allow me to change. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could change between XM or Sirius channels at the press of a button? Wouldn’t it be nicer if I could have pushbutton selection of a mixture of XM and Sirius channels on the same radio?

The whole idea is that in order to survive, you must have many more “ears” tuned in than there are now. To collect more ears, you have to make it a) more interesting and compelling than it is now, b) lower the entry cost and lower the periodic cost, and c) make it easy to get started and easier to stay “in”.

There is a parallel factor, and that is the proliferation of FTA stations. But that’s a topic for another day. My “radical” opinion is that there are two many stations on the air today, with little to offer. Only a few make money and the others are barely getting by. Reduce the number of channels and everyone benefits; too much choice is not always a good thing,

Well now home entertainment was my baby's wish
So I hopped into town for a satellite dish
I tied it to the top of my Japanese car
I came home and I pointed it out into the stars
A message came back from the great beyond
There's fifty-seven channels and nothin' on

Lyrics: Bruce Springsteen, “57 Channels (and Nothin’ On)”

I’m just sayin’,

Dave M//

The world's Greatest Record Collection for sale on Ebay. Biding starts at $3 Million.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Words mean things

In a post a long time ago I used the word "flash". Flash was an old Associated Press designation for a news story of top importance. Usually reserved for deaths of presidents, etc. It was acompanied by bell ringing on the teletype machine.
For you newcomers to radio, you may have never seen a teletype machine. It was a large, very heavy, typewriter that had a big box of fanfolded paper. The teletype ran 24 hours a day spewing out copy at about 60 words per minute if my memory serves me correct. If you were a daytime radio station you had to make sure there was enough paper in the teletype to get through the night because the morning man needed the material that came in during the night. Then there was the RIBBON. Everyone hated to change the ribbon. It was a messy job. You got black ink all over your hands and everything else. Everyone would wait until you could no longer read the words before they changed the ribbon. AP furnished all the paper and ribbons you could eat. The paper had plenty of other uses. But the ribbons were only good for the teletype machine. The ribbons would fit in some typewriters. However, there were so oily that it would gum up the typewriter and the print looked aweful. UPI. the competitor of AP used yellow paper on rolls. They were smaller and needed changing more often. They also used purple ink. Most radio stations in the South used AP. We could have a whole discussion on content of AP and UPI. I'll save that for another day.

I digress.....I was talking about "flash". I sort of used the word as a joke. However, I discovered a recent visitor from :
Moldova, Republic of Bendery, Tighina was brought to this blog by the word "flash". No telling what he was looking for. He was reading in english though.

Your comments needed on the XM-Sirius Merger

Just click on the "comments' below. Type a short comment and put the dot in anamious box. Then leave the comment.

Here's a very interesting news item just coming to light:

Radio News

I ran across this you tube video about newscast in the 60s. Even though it is about CKLW it could be any of the hundreds of top 40 stations of the day.

Where is radio news today.

My local newstalk station claims to have a 24 hour newsroom.

In reality all their news is from the local TV station.

Return with us now to the GOLDEN days of radio news:

Tom Bigby Retires

Tom was the first Buddy Karr on KAAY. (search this blog to see all of the previous posts)

Here;s the story:

Correction to first merger post

I reported early that the FCC had approved the merger of XM and Sirius. Actually it was the Justice Department that Oked the merger. However, I think the FCC will go along with the merger. Justice was the possible stumbling block.
There have been very few comments on the merger on this blog. This leads me to believe this is of little importance to most folks. Combined XM and Sirius have what, maybe 15 million subscribers. And neither company is profitable. There is a message there. Satellite radio offers the coverage and the sound quality to surpass even the best 50,000 AM. FM will never offer the coverage of AM or satellite. New media, like internet radio may be able to rival satellite. Makes you wonder why satellite adopted the subscription model to make money. Both of them. What happened to the idea that advertising has made U.S. broadcasting the envy of the world. Why didn't one of them adopt the advertising model. Would they have more listeners today?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Comment on the XM/Sirius Merger

AJ, let me differ with you on your point - I like the idea of the merger, and I am NOT a Stern or Oprah fan. I don't like having to pay for MANY channels that I don't care at all about, but I wouldn't mind paying a reduced fee to choose the channels I like and leave the other ones behind. Heck, even Sirius and XM might find out that some of their channels have almost no listeners at all, allowing them to take down channels that have limited or no broad appeal, to open up transponder space for other services.

When doing the calculus on the merger, you also need to factor in the impact of portable MP3 players, podcasts, network streaming, traditional OTA AM and FM, CD players, etc etc. They are all influencers in an increasingly diluted market competition for "ears".

Listeners win when we get good quality, diverse programming at lower cost.

Here's a different angle to explore - why not make a small few (not all) Sirius and XM channels "free to air" (no subscription required), supported by adverts, just like we do now over the commercial airwaves, and ask listeners who want Premium commercial-free entertainment to subscribe?Lower subscription prices combined with the ability to choose which channels you want to subscribe to (remember my "no Stern comment?) and listeners will choose what they want.

I can hear the adverts now - "If you like us now, subscribe to our commercial free service, for more channel selection choice and uninterrupted entertainment 24 hours a day".

Selection + premium services = win, win.

Dave M//

My response:

I certainly agree with many of your points. The real dollar and cents of this issue is that satelite radio with two players have not been able to make money. Even Howard Stern has not been able to bring Sirius up to the same subscription level as XM. When XM first started they had sold commercials on some channels. The competition hammmered them with commercial free ...etc. Satelite radio may well go the way of the 8 track tape player.

What are your thoughts. Add to the discussion just click on the "comments" below.

Monday, March 24, 2008

XM & Sirius allowed to merge

The FCC has allowed XM & Serius to merge. I fail to show how this is in the public interest to effectively make one satelitte radio service.

The could be the slow death of satelite radio. As long as there was competition for listeners, it might have become an effective media.

It's sad to see what I thought was an excellent service from XM turn into the Howard Stern media. Or the Ophra media.


A few pages back there is a post on KOTN. I had a link to a very interesting site, especially if you have Pine Bluff connections. The link did not work. I have made the correction and urge you to visit this site:

Any time a link does not work please let me know at once so I can correct it. Especially the recordings. Many have been up a long time, and I don't check them.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


It's been awhile since I welcomed visitors to this blog:

Netherlands Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
United States Spring, Texas
Canada Surrey, British Columbia

United States Omaha, Nebraska
United States Huntsville, Alabama
United States
United States Wallingford, Connecticut
United States Omaha, Nebraska
United States Des Moines, Iowa

Great Suggestion

Here is a suggestion from a reader:
The Mighty Favog has left a new comment on your post "Buddy Deane":

Why not start a thread -- or threads -- honoring DJs and stations (in addition to, of course, KAAY) that have meant something to so many of us over the years?

Radio is -- or, rather, was -- such a personal medium and, as such, fostered intensely personal bonds with listeners, bonds that had impacts in all kinds of ways. Thousands of Top-40 stations, and thousands of DJs, literally brought the world (and worlds of possibilities) to millions upon millions of young listeners back in the day.

And we all have our debts to repay and thanks to give for what those men and women meant to us over the years.

It's nice to think back on what we had during those salad days of music radio. But it's intensely melancholy, too, being that the fond memories only highlight what we've lost to corporate greed and lack of imagination today.

Anyway, here's my attempt to repay a debt owed to one of those Top-40 stations and one of those Top-40 DJs.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

When KAAY was KTHS

On this link you will see the Channel 11 building and their take on the history of KTHV-KTHS.

Scrolling down you will see a picture of Bob Bray. (real name Hal Bray) who worked with me at KXLR.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Buddy Deane

I have several entries about Buddy Deane even though he had no relation to KAAY. To read previous posts type in Buddy Deane in the search box in the upper left and click on search this blog.

I found this interesting site:

I hope you will join their efforts in getting Buddy in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. After all "Hairspray" (two movies and a broadway play) were based on Buddy Deane.

WFIL on XM Today

Sonic Sound Salutes the great 60's radio stations from across America. Terry "Motormouth" Young goes back in time to transform your radio to these great, old AM radio stations every friday evening. WFIL Philadelphia, PA Famous 56 Music from the WFIL Boss 30 survey. Hear Dr. Don Rose at his very best on WFIL.

If you don't have an XM radio, you can hear it on the internet at

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The times they are a-changin

Neil Boortz said today he thinks You Tube will be a major player in the presidential election and I think he's right.

The media has always been a closed fraternity. It costs a fortune to build and run a newspaper. Radio and television licenses are limited and tightly controlled.

The internet has made it possible for anyone to have a radio station or print-like blog.

You Tube offers fast and free distribution of entertainment.

The folks can have a voice like never before.

Use it wisely.

We didn't play Bob Dylan

While I was at KAAY we didn't play Bob Dylan. To make up for it, play above. To help you understand what he is mumbling, the lyrics are on the screen. Sing along.

To prove my point

The above video has had over 7 MILLION hits while the videos of Rev. Wright have yet to crack a million.

Those of you in political PR take note.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Your future in radio

(double click to read ad)
So many of you have written in about listening to KAAY and deciding to go into radio.
I found this great ad from 1933 on Jim Zippo's web page.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I never put it together

John Ritter was Tex Ritter's son. I still find it hard to believe. They seem so different.

Here is a link to a story and audio with Tex Ritter's connection to KAAY:

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Beaker Street Theater

We have discussed Beaker Street Theater in passing. (Dale, correct me if I have any of this wrong). For the most part, the "theater" radio dramas came from George J. Jennings' collection of old time radio shows. These were also used on the morning drive time program and were known as "Breakfast Serial". George took thirty minute or hour broadcasts and cut them down into short episodes. For Beaker Theater I believe he used mostly BBC or South Africa programs to give them a more modern sound and programs that were not familiar to the American audience. It also made Beaker Theater different from Breakfast Serial.

I do have some of the original reel to reel tapes If anyone in interested, email me at

Friday, March 14, 2008

Milking the Raccoon thread for all it's worth

Here is a You Tube video to The Beatles Rocky Raccoon:

WTOB saluted on XM Radio Today at 3 PM Central

Sonic Sound Salutes the great 60's radio stations from across America. Terry "Motormouth" Young goes back in time to transform your radio to these great, old AM radio stations every friday evening. This week, WTOB Winston-Salem, NC. Hear the stations' jingles and the air personalities and find out about the local happenings. The way it was then, is the way it is now on The 60's on 6.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I found an interesting site that is devoted to discussion of New Orleans radio. The reason it is interesting to me, is that it verifies what I have been saying about KAAY being on car radio push buttons in New Orleans.

Here is a segment of an email that was posted on the site:

I think KAAY in Little Rock was everybody's "third" N.O. rock station at night in the 60's, with WLS in Chicago at #4. And as far as songs that were #1 in the nation, or even charted high in the nation, and never got played here... oh boy... the stories I could tell you from the inside about how songs got ranked on surveys in this city back then. Another thought too...ever wondered about all the songs that got charted here but never played on the air... ? 'Nuff said.

If you have an interest in New Orleans Radio, the site is:

Raccoon Recipe

Because of the enormious following this blog has developed for raccoon, (read posts below and use the upper left window to search this blog for "raccoons) as a public service I present the following recipe from Doc Hudson. (obviously a made up name from "Doc" Holiday and Emperor "Hudson". (He was an Emperor in California, I think).

This is a recipe that my Big Mama used to cook so I don't have exact measurements for anything.

Start with at least one fat young coon. (Just skin the tough old boar coons and feed the carcass to the hounds.) Skin him and cut him up in to serving sized pieces. Be sure to wash the hair off.

Place the meat in a large pot or bowl and cover with water. Add a cup of white vinegar and a couple of teaspoons of salt. Let it sit overnight.

The following day, remove the coon from it's vinegar water bath and give it a good wash.

Then put the pieces in a large pot with some salted water and boil until the meat is nearly done. You'll have to keep testing the meat with a fork, but boiling for 15-20 minutes should be plenty, but start checking at about 10 minutes.

Remove the coon from the boiling water and let cool.

While the coon is cooling, get a large, preferably cast iron, skillet, and heat about an 1/2-inch to 1-inch of cooking oil to around 350* F.

Prepare a batter of milk, egg, salt, pepper, and whatever other spices trip your trigger. Use at least one cup of milk and at least one egg, adjust the amount of milk and egg depending on how many pieces of coon you are cooking.

Roll your parboiled coon pieces in flour, then in the batter, followed by another roll in the flour.

Drop the pieces into the hot oil a few pieces at a time. Don't put too many in at once or it will make the oil temperature drop too much.

Cover the skillet, and turn the pieces after 3 or 4 minutes. After both sides have cooked covered 3-4 minutes, remove the cover and cook until golden brown. It is just like frying chicken.

If you want to make gravy, pour off most of the grease, sprinkle in some flour and cook, stirring constantly, until the flour browns, add water and cook until the gravy thickens.

Serve it up with some biscuits, mashed potatoes, and your favorite vegetable. Be sure to let your kilt straps out notch before you sit down, it will be more comfortable by the time you finish.


Texas one up on Arkansas

Just when I thought Arkansas had the corner on good raccoon stories, Texas beats us again.

Here's the scoop:

The Emperor's Club

Sorry, in yesterday's post I mentioned the New York Mayor in connection with the Emperor's Club instead of the New York governor. My apologies to whichever I might have offended. The Spitzer story makes me long for the return of "Ear on Arkansas". Even though it was a national story, we would have probably devoted half of the show to the events. We could have done a fake commercial for the "HO" Depot. Wait, on second thought Imus got in trouble for "hos".

Then the democrat primary offers daily humor potential. Sorry, the republicans just don't seem to offer much humor potential.

In Arkansas, things are equally humorless. I'm ready for another raccoon story. That brought and still brings dozens of folks to this blog. The reference to the Gillette Coon Supper and the killing of a raccoon on a school parking lot with a nail gun, were good for days of posts and new readers. If you missed any of that, just do a search in the box in the upper left for "raccoon" and search this blog.

Maybe my adopted city of Alma can add raccoons to our spinach festival. Our "event" each year is a spinach festival because we are "the spinach capitol of the world". A claim that Del Monte disputes. (a competing brand to Popeye spinach that is canned here in Alma.) We also have a company that cans pickled watermelon rinds. They get truck loads of watermelons cut out the good part and give it away, while pickling the rinds. I understand they export most of it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Emperor -- Bad Name?

I'm sorry The Emperor's Club and the New York governor has given Emperors a bad name.
For those of you new to this blog, I worked at KAAY twice. Once as Doc Holiday and we played it for the western hero, yes I had boots and a hat. The second time, we bought "The Emperor" package that was syndicated nationwide. I had a robe and crown and was working to take over Oklahoma. There were hourly comedy bits that ended with "Join now, become a Lt. in Emperor Holidays Komandos. Send a self-addressed envelope to KAAY, ....etc." Recently, I reproduced those cards and offered them again to readers of this blog. They are now all gone. I suppose I could always print more. But with all the news around the emperor's club, I fear the name is tarnished.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Time Out

This has nothing to do with KAAY. I would like to ask a personal favor. Please go to this website and sample some of the songs of Mark Pope. There is a player on the left.
Then buy his CD.

Comment from reader on XM

I was surprised to hear a couple of weeks ago when XM was airing an old American Top 40 episode from the mid-70s on its 70s channel, Kasey Kasem mention KOTN. It was in his regular segment mentioning that AT40 is heard around the world on "great radio stations like..." and one of the three or four affiliates he mentioned then was KOTN, Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Pretty cool to hear those call letters mentioned!


I think its great that XM is airing a lot of the syndicated elements on the decades channels. Chickenman, ATF, Wolfman Jack, to name a few.

KAAY Updates from a reader

Beaker Street started back up on The Point 94.1 Sunday night. The first song played was Circle of Friends by Joni Mitchell, which was the last song played on old KAAY. He started with that because KAAY was located in the Cottondale building where The Point currently resides.
For people that used to work at KAAY in the Cottondale building here is how things have progressed.
When KAAY moved out, Phillip Jonsson bought 94.1 and moved KLRA in. After Brother Hal retired, changes to AM 1010 occured.
About fifteen years ago, SignalMedia bought KKYK and eventually turned it into a talk station. Westinghouse bought 1010 AM and shut it down.
The building has been renovated over the years and the old KAAY studio has been converted to offices.
2400 Cottondale Ln. is currently home to The Point 94.1 ( a classic rock station), and 103.7 The Buzz
(a sports talk station).
The Point studio is at the NE corner of the building and The
Buzz studio is at the SE Corner.

Monday, March 10, 2008

KAAY's Redesigned Website

The current KAAY has redesigned their website:

Lot's of content....take a look.

Interesting that someone has the domain name KAAY.COM and has been holding it for years and done nothing with it. It is for sale for $4700 plus escrow.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

KAAY Mustang

Thanks Doug for the quick photo. Read the post below for details.

Now I need you KAAY staffers help. Who knows the details about this car?

Email me at

KAAY Logos

We never seemed to have a good consistant one. The logo that you see on the top of this blog, is the first logo. It seems like each program director developed a different logo or change to the current one. It's a shame because a station like KAAY deserves a good logo. Early on Jim Hankins (Mike McCormick) used an elephant, but we never seemed to develope a good elephant drawing incorporated into the logo.
Over the years it evolved into plain jane type with no particular style of theme.
Here is a comment regarding logo stuff:

There is a website where you can buy old radio station memoribilia.
Go to and look over the radio station memoribilia from the late '50's through the '70's. There are different radio stations across the country,the logo KAAY used in the mid to late 60's and another in the early 70's is available.
They sell shirts, stickers, coffee mugs,etc.
I found an interesting find at an estate sale last summer. It was a toy '65 or '66 gold fastback Mustang with KAAY written on both doors.

It should be pointed out that the merchandise on Radioland is reproductions of station logos. The two for KAAY are OK but they are not the ones I remember fondly. The second one in particular is unfamiliar to me.

The comment on the Mustang toy is very significant. There were very few of those given away and my guess is that it was a George J. Jennings promotion during the time when the mobile unit was a Mustang. PLEASE take a photo of it and email it to me to share with everyone.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Small town talk

The last several posts have been about small towns. Even though KAAY was in the capitol city of Arkansas, we loved the small towns. We played KAAY Komando Basketball in Havana, AR and dozens of other small towns. We went to the Gould Turtle Durby and any other small town event we could find. By night we went into small towns in 40 states. (Even though we were on push button car radios in New Orleans and Chicago). This song came along after top 40 KAAY. Too bad...we would have played it.


I have written of KOTN, Buddy Deane and my Pine Bluff, AR connections in previous blogs. If you arrived here recently and are interested in these subjects just type in the "word" in the upper left search box and search this blog.

In the entry below Paul Perdue mentions a Pine Bluff Postcard site. This site is quite extensive and any one interested in Pine Bluff will enjoy searching the scenes.

There are two postcards from KOTN I would like to feature here. The first is a reception verification card that is very old. I don't have the date on the card, but it was when LOTN was only 100 Watts on 1500 KC. In modern times it was 1000 Watts on 1490 KC.

The second Card is a studio shot probably when they were in the Simmons Bank building.

Enjoy all the cards at:

Double click on the photos for larger views.

Comment worth sharing


Happy as I was to find your KAAY blog I was sad to read about Willie Oates and Larry Hart.

I'm Paul Perdue...born & raised in PB. I've lived in Dallas, TX for 21 years.

Didn't you work at KCLA for a while? I remember they were Top 40 for about 15-minutes once, and quite good, too. And if you worked with Larry you must've worked at KOTN too. Your name and face are as familiar to me as thirty years ago because I was a big, big listener of PB radio then. I remember meeting you somewhere, too.

I've been trying to track down Duane Haman to see if he has any old KOTN tapes he can copy for me. Buddy Deane's wife died in the last year so I missed my chance to contact her for some.

I just can't believe what has happened to Pine Bluff. The railroad pulling out certainly didn't help. There are more ex-Pine Bluffians now than current ones. I still stay connected with a lot of people there. I even have a website featuring old PB postcards (

I didn't know you worked at KAAY, maybe because of your alias. Hearing the jingle on your blog sure was nice. Hoo-boy, the late nights spent listening to Clyde were magical. They left such an impression on me that I am a hardcore collector of 60's psychedelia to this day. Thanks to the magic of the internet I probably now have a bigger psych collection than Clyde ever did! Do you have any old KAAY tapes?

I remember calling KAAY one night to request D.O.A. by Bloodrock and the DJ said no because he was alone at the station and the song was too scary.
I can relate lots of PB & LR radio moments but it's almost 1:00 a.m. but I'll certainly come back here.

Living in Alma, I'll bet you've got some good Tony Alamo stories.

Let's chat later!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Last Day for the all Led Zeppelin Channel

Today, Friday is the last day for the all Led Zeppelin Channel on XM radio. Also, the 60s on 6 channel featured KOIL one of the early pioneers of top 40 radio. The snow is all gone.sort of a depressing Friday. I spent all day trying to clean up a video and keep a guy from looking green. Thought I had it looking great. Burned a DVD and he looks green again. Take me back to the reel to reel Ampex, grease pencils, and splicing blocks. Wait, am image of Jim Hankins, (Mike McCormick) just flashed in my mind....he's made a bad spice and is beating the reel locks with his fists. Spring can't be far behind.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Will we have school tomorrow?

At KAAY we always dreaded snow because everyone would call to find out if school was open. Because of our almost state wide coverage, that's a lot of schools to report.

I notice television has taken over the roll of school closing information. In the 60s TV had not really moved in the weather and school information.

Here is a video of the snow in Alma, AR. Thursday at 4:45 PM.The first scene is the back of the ABC Extreme Makeover house that is directly behind my house. Look quick it changes to just street, and kid shots.

The Hat Lady is Dead

The story will mostly be important to those who have lived in Little Rock:

Comment on Cindy's Cryin

Dear A.J.,

This video is great --- it brings
back a lot of memories.
(And the comments contributed
at the Youtube site are
There is no way I would
have ever found this on
Youtube myself (too much
out there) --- thanks for
posting it!

Finally, check out
that wall of LPs behind
the group --- I wonder
what happens if they ever
have to move the shelves?! (I am familiar
with this problem....)

Best regards,
Dave Schmidt,
Manhattan, KS

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Larry Hart Passes

Even though Larry Hart never worked for KAAY, I did work with him in Pine Bluff. Larry could do it all; D.J. Production, Play by play. Mostly he was great to work with. Larry was a true professional that will be greatly missed in Pine Bluff, and central Arkansas.

(news item)

MAGNET COVE - Mr. James Larry Hart, age 66, of Magnet Cove, Ark., died Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2008. He was born July 1, 1941 in Bauxite, Ark., to the late Henry and Dorothy Hart. Mr. Hart was a retired radio personality and play by play Sports Announcer. Throughout Saline County he was known as the voice of the Bauxite Miners and the Benton Panthers. He was a member of Trinity Baptist Church.

Survivors, wife, Gail Hart, Magnet Cove; son, Scott Hart, Benton; daughters, Amy Cook and Christi Tiner both of Magnet Cove; brothers, Lynn Hart and Jack Hart, both of Benton; one grandchild.

Graveside services will be 10 a.m. Saturday at Magnet Cove Cemetery. Ministers will be Bro. Kim Hammer and Dwight Fite. Visitation will be from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday at Ashby’s. Pallbearers: Dwight Fite, Tommy Hart, Ricky Hart, Warren Coston, David Coston, and Jon Watson. Memorials may be made to Alzheimer’s of Arkansas, 10411 W. Markham, Suite I30, Little Rock, Arkansas 72205-1409.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Cindy's Cryin Beaker Street

Hello, Doc! I've seen some requests on the various message boards for this, so I thought I'd pass on the link:

Be sure and read the momments on the Youtube video.

Monday, March 03, 2008

It's always interesting

It's always interesting to see where and why people come to this blog. For example someone from Helsinki, Southern Finland came to the blog reseaching "hot clocks". I have no idea what kind of "hot clock" they were looking for. Only DJs will understand.

Clyde comments on comment below

The irony was not lost on me either, A.J.


New home for Beaker Street

Beaker Street has found a new home.
It will start next Sunday March 9th
on THE POINT 94.1. For out of area
listeners,you can listen live at
The ironic thing is that THE POINT
is located in the Cottondale building where Clyde signed off old