Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Emperor's Club

Sorry, in yesterday's post I mentioned the New York Mayor in connection with the Emperor's Club instead of the New York governor. My apologies to whichever I might have offended. The Spitzer story makes me long for the return of "Ear on Arkansas". Even though it was a national story, we would have probably devoted half of the show to the events. We could have done a fake commercial for the "HO" Depot. Wait, on second thought Imus got in trouble for "hos".

Then the democrat primary offers daily humor potential. Sorry, the republicans just don't seem to offer much humor potential.

In Arkansas, things are equally humorless. I'm ready for another raccoon story. That brought and still brings dozens of folks to this blog. The reference to the Gillette Coon Supper and the killing of a raccoon on a school parking lot with a nail gun, were good for days of posts and new readers. If you missed any of that, just do a search in the box in the upper left for "raccoon" and search this blog.

Maybe my adopted city of Alma can add raccoons to our spinach festival. Our "event" each year is a spinach festival because we are "the spinach capitol of the world". A claim that Del Monte disputes. (a competing brand to Popeye spinach that is canned here in Alma.) We also have a company that cans pickled watermelon rinds. They get truck loads of watermelons cut out the good part and give it away, while pickling the rinds. I understand they export most of it.

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