Friday, March 28, 2008

Correction to first merger post

I reported early that the FCC had approved the merger of XM and Sirius. Actually it was the Justice Department that Oked the merger. However, I think the FCC will go along with the merger. Justice was the possible stumbling block.
There have been very few comments on the merger on this blog. This leads me to believe this is of little importance to most folks. Combined XM and Sirius have what, maybe 15 million subscribers. And neither company is profitable. There is a message there. Satellite radio offers the coverage and the sound quality to surpass even the best 50,000 AM. FM will never offer the coverage of AM or satellite. New media, like internet radio may be able to rival satellite. Makes you wonder why satellite adopted the subscription model to make money. Both of them. What happened to the idea that advertising has made U.S. broadcasting the envy of the world. Why didn't one of them adopt the advertising model. Would they have more listeners today?

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