Sunday, March 23, 2008

Great Suggestion

Here is a suggestion from a reader:
The Mighty Favog has left a new comment on your post "Buddy Deane":

Why not start a thread -- or threads -- honoring DJs and stations (in addition to, of course, KAAY) that have meant something to so many of us over the years?

Radio is -- or, rather, was -- such a personal medium and, as such, fostered intensely personal bonds with listeners, bonds that had impacts in all kinds of ways. Thousands of Top-40 stations, and thousands of DJs, literally brought the world (and worlds of possibilities) to millions upon millions of young listeners back in the day.

And we all have our debts to repay and thanks to give for what those men and women meant to us over the years.

It's nice to think back on what we had during those salad days of music radio. But it's intensely melancholy, too, being that the fond memories only highlight what we've lost to corporate greed and lack of imagination today.

Anyway, here's my attempt to repay a debt owed to one of those Top-40 stations and one of those Top-40 DJs.

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