Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Picture comment

One other comment on the timing of the picture:

I used to listen to Richard on my car radio (as best I could) doing news at WMPS in the afternoon. He and I would talk and he wanted me to advise on possible opportunities to return to KAAY. When he came back in news he was working with Bruce Jenkins. Bruce, according to Richard, was very upset when he jumped over to the Buddy Karr thing. Also Richard had gone to a new barber who gave him that terrible very close haircut he was seen with in the picture. Richard said he need to avoid B. Bruce who called him "The Bald Headed Benedict Arnold"
Great memory Jerry, thanks.
THis must have been during the period of time when Goerge J. Jennings went north to WDGY before returning.

It's always amazing to me how many of us returned to KAAY for two tours of duty.
Too bad we can't go home again.

From Jerry Sims

I just remembered Bob Mullins' wife's name....Gloria. Bertha was wearing a wig in the shot, possibly Gloria too?.

I do not remember Sammy Peters' air name. Possibly Michael McCormick?

You are right I think on both points. Also remember the bookeeeper who stole all the money showed up at work with a new expensive wig which was one of the tip offs something was wrong.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Comment on Photo

Emperor.....I attempted a comment on the Jeep picture and Richard Wiethan, and would not be surprised if it did not work. Now that I have a little more time to comment, I will. You may use any portion of this if you please.

I am not sure who the two ladies are in the picture, but you have all the others correct. My one guess on one of the ladies would be Bob Mullins wife. I cannot remember her name (only a horrible nickname that Bob used to call her.."Gourd"). I can possibly give you some incite on one thing about the picture though. Since both Bob Mullins and Richard Wiethan are in the picture, this tells me that this was the short period of time that Richard was working in the news department. Richard was working news at WMPS in Memphis when he moved back to KAAY to do news. His hope was to find an opening as a jock. The opening came quickly when Bob Mullins left and he took the Buddy Karr name and shift. He was the last Buddy Karr on KAAY. They retired the name after his death. August 7....1967
Thanks so much for the explaination of Bob Mullins and the name on the air. Ever since I found this photo, it has bothered me that 2 Buddy Karrs were in that picture. Your explaination is right on. I had the part right about Bob Mullins working at KAAY twice but as I think about it, it was much later when he returned and used his own name. This picure was made while we were still in the Channel 11 building. Bob returned using his real name, when we were in the 7th street studios.
Thinking more about the two unidentified ladies, could one have been the bookeeper that stole a lot of money from the station?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beaker Street Answer

John Shultz has left a new comment on your post "More Beaker St. Question":

The music I have heard in the intros of the early seventies airchecks is from Jimi Hendrix's tune "If 6 Was 9" from his "Axis: Bold as Love" album from 1967. It was also used in the soundtrack for "Easy Rider". The intro excerpted from the middle of the piece, where Hendrix was using feedback from his amp to create a psuedo-melodic electronic warbling that is unmistakably psychedelic. A perfect choice

Little Rock

There were three homicides in Little Rock last week including a KATV anchor.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Attempt to name names":

More pictures, please! This is cool!
I think I have shared most of the pictures I have and need to call on all past KAAY employees to share what pictures you might have. If you have no way to scan them, just contact me by email and I will give you my address to send them to me. I will scan them and return them to you.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Answer to post below":

Sorry, Bud. I'm afraid that I can't help you there, but I'll try to find out from Clyde Clifford. I'm finishing up a Ph.D. dissertation on Beaker Street, and I need to speak with him anyway. Stay tuned!

Richard Robinson
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "More Beaker St. Question":

I believe this is the link to what I'm looking for:

And A. J., you mentioned Tom L. Perryman in another area:

If this doesn't suffice, I can e-mail someone the attachment. I can be reached at:

Thanks! Bud, Mobile, AL

We listened to other stations

At KAAY I spent a lot of time listening to other stations. Sometimes to find jocks to hire, often to see what I could steal that was good. I always thought the reverb on the stations in Memphis was the best. Ours at KAAY was good, but Memphis always sounded better to me. I never met an engineer who had an ear for reverb and could do what they were doing in Memphis. Most engineers I encountered didn't want to use reverb.

One of the stations I would try to get airchecks on was WABC in New York.
Here is a link to some WABC airchecks:

Monday, October 27, 2008

Attempt to name names

From the Top
Left to Right
Barbara Lewis (played Daphnie in The Emperor bit and on the basketball team)
Emperor Holiday (a/k/a A.J. Lindsey)
Len Carl (Voth General Manager and wearing Comandoes basketball uniform)
Jerry Sims (a/k/a Sonny Martin)
Burtha Sims
Howard Watson (a/k/a Ken Knight)
B. Bruce Jenkins (newsman)
2 unidentified ladies Help! Someone identify please
Bottom Row Left ot right
Bob Mullins (a/k/a was a Buddy Karr but left and came back and at this time I think he was using his real name
Richard Weithan (a/k/a Buddy Karr
Sammy Peters (I forgot what name he used)

Comment on Photo

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "More work on the KAAY Picture":

You look so YOUNG!!! (Heh)
Who are the ladies? Can you publish everyone's names? /DM/

More work on the KAAY Picture

(see the message below to Jim Wiethan)
I went back to the original source which was a 4 X5 color transparancy. We apparently used a professional photographer for some shots there were going to be used for another oldies album. That project never materialized. I am so glad we have the photos.
I have no equipment to handle such a large transparency so I just placed it in the scanner and did a lot of cropping and work with the color. Hope this is useful . On the bottom row, Richard is second from the left.

More Beaker St. Question

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Answer to post below":

Well, thanks to Richard Robinson, but I already knew about the background music when the mic was "open", to mask the transmitter noise, DURING the show. I was REALLY asking about the OPENING music, at the beginning of Beaker Street, when the show began after the news. It was heavy guitar music, with the intro over, then it faded into the first selection. The date mentioned was a good example to listen to and I believe is in the music files here. Thanks, Bud, Mobile, AL

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Personal Message to Jim Wiethan

I have tried to email you from two different accounts and your email service rejects the messages as spam. Please add my yahoo email ( to your address book and send me another message.

For all of you reading this blog Jim is Richard Wiethan's brother who was a Buddy Karr at KAAY. He was killed in a jeep accident during a National Guard exercise.

To read more on Richard Weithan place his name in the window above and click on search THIS blog.

Here is the picture Jim had emailed me about:

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fireproof totals to date


Domestic Total as of Oct. 22, 2008: $21,237,931
Distributor: Samuel Goldwyn Release Date: September 26, 2008
Genre: Drama Running Time: 2 hrs. 2 min.
MPAA Rating: PG Production Budget: $500,000

Answer to post below

The original music (along with the sound effects) was from the dream sequence of the motion picture "Charade," by Henry Mancini. Later, the background music was changed to a selection by a group named "Head." The name of the song was "Cannabis Sativa." I'm not sure when the music was changed, but this is from an interview with Clyde Clifford, the original and still host of Beaker Street." The Head song was on the Buddhah record label, and it was distributed in 1970, so my guess would be around 1968-70, but that's only a guess. Hope this helps. Richard Robinson

8 tracks & More

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "More Turntables and Vinyl":

One of the hottest receivers I had was an underdash unit with an 8-track player from J.C. Penny! It was Quadraphonic on 8-track, standard stereo on FM. All I had to do was unplug the antenna lead from the AM radio, plug it into the FM/8-track unit, then plug a jumper from the unit to the AM radio. In there somewhere was the in-line bullet amplifier I'd mentioned in other posts (wish I would have kept it!)

I had four heavy-duty 5" speakers in each corner of the car and faded them properly, to hear them at the driver's position. Man, with Led Zepplin's "Whole Lotta Love" playing, the audio flew all over the inside of that ol' '66 Dodge!

Unfortunately, someone bashed in the passenger-side window when I was at work one night, kicked the unit out trying to get it (they didn't get much, as pieces of it were all over the floor) and stole about 300 8-track tapes. I never was able to get much of my favorite music back and the FM-8-track was obsoleted by J.C. Penny, so I didn't get back to what I had before. Needless to say, I had fun with that system, as well as the AM-and bullet-amp combo listening to KAAY!

Anyone have an answer? Leave a comment!

I'd like to ask a question: what was the opening music to Beaker Street? June 1-2, 1972, et. al., is an example. An inquiring mind would like to know! Bud, Mobile, AL

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Comment on More Clyde Clifford aircheck

I worked the Mississippi River Festival @ SIU-E from 1969-71. general admission was $2.00 and if you wanted to sit under the tent it was a whoppin $5.00. Clyde Clifford, the Mighty 1090, the haunting dadnt dadnt, Hendrix If6 Was9, Dr. John They Call Me the Night Tripper, what music, what memories. Thank-you.

More Turntables and Vinyl

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "More USB Turntables":

A. J., just a couple of days ago, I was in our local Big Lot's store here in Saraland, AL...they had two art deco reproduction radio/turntable units (made in China, of course) for $45. They would play at 3 speeds. I'm temped, but I'd better watch them and hint-hint towards Christmas....!!! Bud, Mobile, AL

It's amazing to me the rebirth of vinyl and turntables. Funny, there has never been a revival of 8-track.

Be sure and vote on the poll to the right>

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Another Razorback Comment

GVH has left a new comment on your post "Razorbacks":

Thanks for the thoughtful and right on comment. I hadn't thought of Bud Campbell in years. Maybe you have touched on the reason there seemed to be more support in the "good old days". With the games only on radio, escept for an occasional bowl game, radio did more promotion than they do today, because the were the center of attention and you had multiple stations in a market carrying the same game. Therefore the stations tried to out promote each other.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Please Please Please..........

I have never been successful with polls on this blog. Only about 1% of the readers vote. Remember your vote is anonamious but you can only vote once. Just put a dot in front of the sentence that best describes you. It's over in the far right margin and it only takes a second. Humor me. Vote!

NW AR Comment

Speaking as someone who has lived in Southeast, Central, and (now) Northwest Arkansas, A.J. is right. Northwest Arkansas has always been a 'stand alone' area of the state. I've been here 10 years now and for a long time I thought the division was as a result of people here in NWA. But, now, I think it's as a result of jealousy and comes from the rest of the state. Most people that I know in NWA don't have a grudge to bear against Central Arkansas or any other part of the state.


I was born in Central, lived in Central then Southeast and now North West Arkansas.
It appears to me the bias is all one way. Central AR thinks they are all of Arkansas.
I think that feeling transfers to the state house.

Razorback Comment

vdog has left a new comment on your post "Razorbacks":

What has happened over the past several years is the NW part of the state has separated themselves from the rest of the state. This created the division between the fan base.
Currently there are two statewide call in shows, message boards, and blogs.

Really NW Arkansas has always been seperated. The governor rarely comes to NW Arkansas. The TV market is seperated. Given a choice of Little Rock or Tulsa (about the same distance) most folks in N.W. AR will go to Tulsa.


At least it was good television. And the score was good through 3/4 of the game Arkansas fans are very frustrated. No longer is the entire state one big pep rally. The radio stations are just semi involved. It's been a long time since there was a Razorback record, er CD produced.

In 1975 Tommy Riggs a/k/a Rock Robbins had left KAAY for Pine Bluff. He was Program Director and later Manager of KCLA. Pat Walsh needed a Razorback Record for the Cotton Bowl so he called Tommy to come up with a song. At the time "Convoy" by C.W. McCall had been a big hit and served as the inspiration for this song. Tommy picked a new name for himself, "T. Tommy & The Gray Ghost Crew". Greg Fadick a/k/a Hot Scott Fisher of KLAZ fame did the engineering. Recorded off the air, and for educational purposes, here is "Cotton Bowl Ambush"

Sunday, October 19, 2008

More xm-Sirius

vdog has left a new comment on your post "We are about to see the colapse of XM-Sirius":

I agree, the biggest reason I subscribe to XM is to listen to the American Top 40 countdowns.
The 70's countdowns are on 11AM-2PM
central on Saturdays on XM 7. Replayed Wednesdays at 9PM-midnight.
The 80's countdowns are Sundays at the same time on XM 8. With replay on Thursdays from 9PM-midnight.
I think XM misjudged who there audience was and I am sure Sirius will make that same mistake. Some time ago, I saw some age demographics on XM and it was skewing definitely to the +40 crowd. At the same time their advertising was to hip hop types.
If that is who is buying radios, then I would go for that market. Kids have already turned to an Ipod culture.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

We are about to see the colapse of XM-Sirius

I agree with Dave M.; the SiriusXM execs need to rethink before the company tanks for paying someone for not delivering in an extremely small audience.

This is yet another fine example of "big business" fiddling with money they don't have. Will they go down the tubes, then get a bailout to keep the satellites from falling from the sky, then go on a $440k weekend retreat, too?

Message to SiriusXM: fire Stern and stay with substantial programming!
I haven't watched the XM decades channels website that closely but I believe some of the firings mentioned below have taken place in the decades channels. If they mess with it to much they can count me out. That is mostly what I listen to on XM.

Friday, October 17, 2008

More USB Turntables

Here is an Ebay listing for a USB Turntable:|39%3A1|66%3A2|65%3A12|240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

More on Long Live Vinyl

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Long Live Vinyl":

Here's some info on the new USB turntables:

$79.99 at Sam Ash!:


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Howard Stern Comment from Dave M.":

I agree with Dave M.; the Sirius-XM execs need to rethink before the company tanks for paying someone for not delivering in an extremely small audience.

This is yet another fine example of "big business" fiddling with money they don't have. Will they go down the tubes, then get a bailout to keep the satellites from falling from the sky, then go on a $440k weekend retreat, too?

Message to SiriusXM: fire Stern and stay with substantial programming!

Howard, Stern and the others

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Sirius XM Radio Lays Off 50 Including DJs":

Want to know how SiriusXM can save money? Fire Stern, Oprah and Martha Stewart...I'm sure, along with Stern's $500M deal, the other two are sucking up considerable cash that could possibly help keep the satellite radio provider better afloat.

These bloated, overstated celebs already have a following..why should they drag down this troubled service? Bud, Mobile, AL

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sirius XM Radio Lays Off 50 Including DJs

Go to:

Howard Stern Comment from Dave M.

AJ, I never understood what Sirius execs could have possibly been thinking (smoking, drinking???) to offer Howard Stern $500MM. I know enough about business to know that if you pay someone $500MM, that person would have to generate a LOT of revenue just to pay their basic expenses. Looks like Howard has not delivered his listeners.

Stern had a small but loyal audience because he was always pushing the FCC’s buttons and dancing ever so closely to the FCC’s perception of obscenity. That was the little secret between Stern and his listeners. He knew that they knew that he was so close to the edge, and audiences wanted to see if he would step over it. It was like every time Howard went on the air, he was winking at his audience and telling them subliminally, “Let’s see how far we can go today without getting caught.”

Now that Stern’s on satellite, that danger has been removed. So there’s no more cheap thrill. Besides, you have to pay to listen to satellite radio, and who wants to pay for something you can hear for free at a construction site?

Wonder what the cancellation clause in his contract looks like?

In a broader sense, it strikes me that Sirius execs may have been enamored with the “big city naughty boy” culture and completely overlooked the overwhelmingly larger population of listeners who have a visceral distaste for Stern’s style of radio. Yes, there is an audience for shock jocks. But there is a much larger audience for more mainstream radio.

Stern, Bah! He’s now on XM, but I won’t be listening.

Long Live Vinyl

Old-school audiophiles are turning up the volume on LP sales. LPs and extended-play vinyl records enjoyed a 36.6 percent sales increase in 2007 according to the RIAA. Some of the most popular vinyl has been in the classic rock, jazz. blues and classical genres, according to Bob Bantz, president of Elusive Disc Inc, an Anderson In., seller of records and turntables that have enjoyed a rise in sales.

Ebay remains a great source of vinyl and turntables in both new and vintage forms.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

From the Man Who Brought Katie Couric to CBS

(small excerpt from an article on XM-Sirius)
Sirius XM is in a tight spot. The merger was long and costly, both companies have shelled out extraordinary amounts of money to secure personalities like Howard Stern (who cost $500 million alone), and the credit crunch has dealt a blow to the most lucrative base of new satellite radio subscribers--car buyers. Sirius XM also has to refinance about $1 billion in debt, something else that won't be easy considering the volatile market.

Karmazin, a veteran of Viacom and CBS (which publishes CNET News), joined Sirius pre-merger in 2004, and acknowledged that he was brought onboard to accomplish a very difficult task of making the company profitable.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Steve Barnes Article on Tony Alamo

(Double click on image to enlarge to read)
Steve Barnes is an broadcaster turned print journalist but still appears on Arkansas Educational Television. In a recent column he made the same connection that I did on this blog sometime back, with the Fouke Monster and Tony Alamo. The big difference is that I have misspelled the town Fouke. I have consistently put an "l" in the name. I got a comment about that and stand corrected. I have made that error all my life so I am glad to be corrected.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Black Oak Arkansas To Appear Tonight

Black Oak is appearing tonight (Friday) in Van Buren AR, which is just a few miles from Alma. It is a free concert put on by the Van Buren Merchants association. They have a fall festival that attracts 15,000 to 20,000. Black Oak must not charge what they used to for a concert. javascript:void(0)

Jerry Van Dyke

vdog has left a new comment on your post "Howard Stern Comment":

Just wanted to let you know Jerry Van Dyke made a second appearance on Tommy Smith's show this morning. It was very entertaining and informative. He guest starred on the last Andy Griffith show that was in black & white. The show went color the next season.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Link Didn't Work

I ask you to take a look at a friend's website with some valuable credit card information and the link didn't work so I';; try again. Go to:

Monday, October 06, 2008

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Blame it on the Razorbacks":

A. J., while I'm not employed in the radio industry, I am in in a situation where a distant entity tries to control what goes on locally. They don't seem to understand that a LOCAL market, no matter if it's in Mobile, AL or St. Louis, MO, drives our business..."it" can't be driven by their think-tank in "The Ivory Tower". I believe that's the problem, and mistake, of consolidation and distant entities: they are only concerned with the bottom line they think they create, NOT what it could be if the local market was tapped and run as it should be!

So what, if a couple of songs were liked in Washington State, it doesn't mean they'd be well-liked in the South or in the Northeast! The secret is, give the customer what they WANT, not what you THINK they may want
I.m sure many of you work at a business where the thermostat is controlled hundreds of miles away. Talk about micro-managing.

Need Some Memory Help

Hello, AJ,

I was wondering if you remember a fellow name Mac Young, who was from
Hot Springs but moved to Little Rock. He worked at KXLR for a short time,
then went to KMYO (Cameo, it was called), then to KARK AM, when it was
still KARK. I knew him when I was growing up in Hot Springs and he worked
at KBHS when it was on 590. He was terrific on the air, had a great voice,
could really do live reads well. I lost track of him, heard he died in an
accident between Little Rock and Conway, but I've never had a confirmation
on any of that. Also, there was a fellow who moved from what was KZNG AM
when it was on 1470 in Hot Springs, who moved to KAAY, did overnights for
awhile, then got a good offer to go to a station in Des Moines. Maybe you
might jog my memory on him.

The name is very familiar but I have no first hand knowledge of either mentioned. However, I am sure some of our readers do. Please post a comment if you have knowledge of either of these guys.

Great Credit Card Web Site

A Friend of mine has a web site with some very useful credit card info. Take a look:

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Blame it on the Razorbacks

Yesterday was an all time low as far as hits on this blog. Weekends are always slow but yesterday was the pits. I take full responsibility for not finding some provocative topics. There is just so much you can write about the KATV tower collapse and raccoons. Those two topics were responsible for more hits on this blog that anything else.

I think a topic well worth discussing again on this blog would be the playlist for KAAY. I guess KAAY covered 3 generations. The playlists and the programming reflected this. I find readers to this blog are from a wide age base. The Beaker Street influenced audience (which is right behind the KATV tower and raccoons)seem to have little interest in the top 40 side of KAAY. And the converse is probably true. Being involved with the programming side mostly, I find the differences in radio then and now are worth much study. I don't think I could live in a radio station environment where the playlist was determined by corporate or expensive music research. We had a music director who was responsible for determining the playlist. He used phone calls to the station, record sales and input from the jocks to determine the weekly playlist. Phone calls were a good guide for every jock.
The calls were mostly girls. If a guy called it was to request a song for a girl.
Anyone working the industry today? How is your music selected? Do you think it builds listners?

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Howard Stern Comment

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Big News: You Can Now Get Howard Stern on XM":

Howard Stern is another good reason NOT to subscribe to XM...I don't want my hard-earned $$$ to fund his paycheck....Bud, Mobile, AL

Friday, October 03, 2008

WRKO Saluted on XM Radio Today

Sonic Sound Salutes
4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

WRKO Boston, MA NOW Radio 68 Featuring the late GREAT Jackson Armstrong. Hear NOW Radio 68 at Nantasket Beach, Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage and we'll count down the WRKO "NOW" 30 Survey

Sherwood Pictures

As you know I have been promoting the movie "Fireproof". I have been impressed for a long time with Sherwood Baptist Church and their entry into the movie business. Take a look at numbers of DVDs they have sold on Facing the Giants which also did very well at the box office. (the Fireproof info is a little dated now)
(from their website)
In 2003, Sherwood Pictures premiered its first full length motion picture, Flywheel, in three theaters in south Georgia. It aired on numerous Christian television networks around the world including TBN, Family Net, INSP, Faith TV, and Cornerstone TV, and has sold approximately 200,000 DVDs to date. The thousands of letters, e-mails, and phone calls from viewers has made this a powerful new avenue of ministry for the church. In 2006, Sherwood produced its second feature, Facing the Giants, which was picked up by Provident Films (a Sony company) and released September 29th 2006 in 441 theaters nationwide. The movie expanded to include 1,010 theaters by the end of it's 17 week run. Over 1.5 million DVDs were sold in 56 countries and 13 languages. To date, almost 7,000 decisions for Christ have been reported. Sherwood's third movie, Fireproof, is set to release nationwide in 800 theaters on September 26th. God has amazed and blessed us with results that only He could have orchestrated. May He get the glory! For more information on these movies, visit,, or

Media productions are available for purchase through The Source, Sherwood's in-house bookstore. Audio cassettes, CD's, and DVD’s of our movies and the pastor's messages are available, as well as books, music, and other films. To contact The Source, call (229) 431-9330 or visit The Source.

KAAY Transmitter Pictures

Scroll down on this link for some shots of the KAAY old and new transmitter and Felix McDonald long time Chief Engineer.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Big News: You Can Now Get Howard Stern on XM

Read my post below and you can see I am not a big Howard Stern fan, so the big news fell of deaf ears.

I have had no comment what-so-ever on the Clark Weber Book.(scroll down and read post on Clark Weber's book)

Has anyone seen it?

Is it out there?

If you have an interest in radio you should be following books on radio and picking them up when you can get a good buy. The go out of print quickly and increase in value.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Jerry Sims Where are you?

Wednesday is a busy day for me. I have meetings morning, afternoon, and night. As much as I would like to post some audio, it is impossible today. Jerry teased me with some reel to reel tapes he had and sent me one digital conversion with the promise of more.
Jerry, I really needed one today.

I would like to write briefly about an alarming trend most of the networks are now using after being pioneered by MTV. That technique is the bleeping of profanity. The lip movement is still there. Even a very small child can guess very quickly what the bleeped word or words was. I'm sure the big thing with kids now is to guess the bleeped words. It is faster to just cut the offensive word out. The networks have discovered the bleep may be more effective than airing the word. I'm sure the F.C.C. is very pleased their rules are not being violated.

I saw a Jimmy Kimmel special that ran before the Emmy awards. It ran during the family hour and fortunately my kids are grown and gone. The show was filled with word bleeps but all the lip movement and gestures necessary to make sure you knew what each word was.

I've heard no complaints. We are not on a slippery slope, we are on a full down hill run in the moral fiber of our society.

I feel 30 years in the broadcast business attempting to comply with the F.C.C.
was a lost cause. I should have become a smut merchant like Howard Stern who for years paid F.C.C. fines that were paltry compared with the salary he made.

I guarantee the F.C.C. will continue to relax standards, and push paid services that they do not have to regulate but bring in tremendous income in the auctioning off of public airwaves to the highest bidder.