Friday, October 03, 2008

Sherwood Pictures

As you know I have been promoting the movie "Fireproof". I have been impressed for a long time with Sherwood Baptist Church and their entry into the movie business. Take a look at numbers of DVDs they have sold on Facing the Giants which also did very well at the box office. (the Fireproof info is a little dated now)
(from their website)
In 2003, Sherwood Pictures premiered its first full length motion picture, Flywheel, in three theaters in south Georgia. It aired on numerous Christian television networks around the world including TBN, Family Net, INSP, Faith TV, and Cornerstone TV, and has sold approximately 200,000 DVDs to date. The thousands of letters, e-mails, and phone calls from viewers has made this a powerful new avenue of ministry for the church. In 2006, Sherwood produced its second feature, Facing the Giants, which was picked up by Provident Films (a Sony company) and released September 29th 2006 in 441 theaters nationwide. The movie expanded to include 1,010 theaters by the end of it's 17 week run. Over 1.5 million DVDs were sold in 56 countries and 13 languages. To date, almost 7,000 decisions for Christ have been reported. Sherwood's third movie, Fireproof, is set to release nationwide in 800 theaters on September 26th. God has amazed and blessed us with results that only He could have orchestrated. May He get the glory! For more information on these movies, visit,, or

Media productions are available for purchase through The Source, Sherwood's in-house bookstore. Audio cassettes, CD's, and DVD’s of our movies and the pastor's messages are available, as well as books, music, and other films. To contact The Source, call (229) 431-9330 or visit The Source.

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