Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Jerry Sims Where are you?

Wednesday is a busy day for me. I have meetings morning, afternoon, and night. As much as I would like to post some audio, it is impossible today. Jerry teased me with some reel to reel tapes he had and sent me one digital conversion with the promise of more.
Jerry, I really needed one today.

I would like to write briefly about an alarming trend most of the networks are now using after being pioneered by MTV. That technique is the bleeping of profanity. The lip movement is still there. Even a very small child can guess very quickly what the bleeped word or words was. I'm sure the big thing with kids now is to guess the bleeped words. It is faster to just cut the offensive word out. The networks have discovered the bleep may be more effective than airing the word. I'm sure the F.C.C. is very pleased their rules are not being violated.

I saw a Jimmy Kimmel special that ran before the Emmy awards. It ran during the family hour and fortunately my kids are grown and gone. The show was filled with word bleeps but all the lip movement and gestures necessary to make sure you knew what each word was.

I've heard no complaints. We are not on a slippery slope, we are on a full down hill run in the moral fiber of our society.

I feel 30 years in the broadcast business attempting to comply with the F.C.C.
was a lost cause. I should have become a smut merchant like Howard Stern who for years paid F.C.C. fines that were paltry compared with the salary he made.

I guarantee the F.C.C. will continue to relax standards, and push paid services that they do not have to regulate but bring in tremendous income in the auctioning off of public airwaves to the highest bidder.

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Anonymous said...

A. J., you are correct...but, every now and then, Hollywierd gets a clue and puts a movie out with a "G" rating, but not often enough. I, myself, would like to see these people's face slapped by a grandma-type every time they utter a filthy word....

I had a supervisor who could dress-down an employee when needed, without EVER using filthy language...he was a very educated fellow with a great vocabulary. I see people who feel the need to use curse words as having a small brain and a limited doesn't take much smarts to make every other word a curse word, but it takes a LOT of brains to be able to hold a conversation, refraining from vulgar/filthy language.

Take for instance, "Fireproof"...if Hollywierd would have produced the film, instead of Sherwood baptist Church, it wouldn't have had the attendance it got, nor the position in the ratings. People outside of Hollywierd are sick and tired of their "entertainment"- that's why films such as "The Greatest Story Ever Told", "The 10 Commandments" and others still rate so high today.

Just about all the TV and movie films today are utter trash and are NOT fit to garner our with your pocketbook and wallet, let 'em starve from no sales! Bud, Mobile, AL