Friday, October 24, 2008

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I'd like to ask a question: what was the opening music to Beaker Street? June 1-2, 1972, et. al., is an example. An inquiring mind would like to know! Bud, Mobile, AL

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Anonymous said...

The original music (along with the sound effects) was from the dream sequence of the motion picture "Charade," by Henry Mancini. Later, the background music was changed to a selection by a group named "Head." The name of the song was "Cannabis Sativa." I'm not sure when the music was changed, but this is from an interview with Clyde Clifford, the original and still host of Beaker Street." The Head song was on the Buddhah record label, and it was distributed in 1970, so my guess would be around 1968-70, but that's only a guess. Hope this helps. Richard Robinson