Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We listened to other stations

At KAAY I spent a lot of time listening to other stations. Sometimes to find jocks to hire, often to see what I could steal that was good. I always thought the reverb on the stations in Memphis was the best. Ours at KAAY was good, but Memphis always sounded better to me. I never met an engineer who had an ear for reverb and could do what they were doing in Memphis. Most engineers I encountered didn't want to use reverb.

One of the stations I would try to get airchecks on was WABC in New York.
Here is a link to some WABC airchecks:


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vdog said...

ON XM Ch. 2 they are playing every pop music hit starting from the 1930's to today. It will be done in 96 hours. On Sunday morning the fall of '62 was covered. As I am writing this, they are at late '63-early '64.