Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Comment on Photo

Emperor.....I attempted a comment on the Jeep picture and Richard Wiethan, and would not be surprised if it did not work. Now that I have a little more time to comment, I will. You may use any portion of this if you please.

I am not sure who the two ladies are in the picture, but you have all the others correct. My one guess on one of the ladies would be Bob Mullins wife. I cannot remember her name (only a horrible nickname that Bob used to call her.."Gourd"). I can possibly give you some incite on one thing about the picture though. Since both Bob Mullins and Richard Wiethan are in the picture, this tells me that this was the short period of time that Richard was working in the news department. Richard was working news at WMPS in Memphis when he moved back to KAAY to do news. His hope was to find an opening as a jock. The opening came quickly when Bob Mullins left and he took the Buddy Karr name and shift. He was the last Buddy Karr on KAAY. They retired the name after his death. August 7....1967
Thanks so much for the explaination of Bob Mullins and the name on the air. Ever since I found this photo, it has bothered me that 2 Buddy Karrs were in that picture. Your explaination is right on. I had the part right about Bob Mullins working at KAAY twice but as I think about it, it was much later when he returned and used his own name. This picure was made while we were still in the Channel 11 building. Bob returned using his real name, when we were in the 7th street studios.
Thinking more about the two unidentified ladies, could one have been the bookeeper that stole a lot of money from the station?

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