Monday, October 27, 2008

Attempt to name names

From the Top
Left to Right
Barbara Lewis (played Daphnie in The Emperor bit and on the basketball team)
Emperor Holiday (a/k/a A.J. Lindsey)
Len Carl (Voth General Manager and wearing Comandoes basketball uniform)
Jerry Sims (a/k/a Sonny Martin)
Burtha Sims
Howard Watson (a/k/a Ken Knight)
B. Bruce Jenkins (newsman)
2 unidentified ladies Help! Someone identify please
Bottom Row Left ot right
Bob Mullins (a/k/a was a Buddy Karr but left and came back and at this time I think he was using his real name
Richard Weithan (a/k/a Buddy Karr
Sammy Peters (I forgot what name he used)

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Anonymous said...

More pictures, please! This is cool! Bud, Mobile, AL