Monday, October 27, 2008

More Beaker St. Question

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Well, thanks to Richard Robinson, but I already knew about the background music when the mic was "open", to mask the transmitter noise, DURING the show. I was REALLY asking about the OPENING music, at the beginning of Beaker Street, when the show began after the news. It was heavy guitar music, with the intro over, then it faded into the first selection. The date mentioned was a good example to listen to and I believe is in the music files here. Thanks, Bud, Mobile, AL


Anonymous said...

I believe this is the link to what I'm looking for:

And A. J., you mentioned Tom L. Perryman in another area:

If this doesn't suffice, I can e-mail someone the attachment. I can be reached at:

Thanks! Bud, Mobile, AL

John Shultz said...

The music I have heard in the intros of the early seventies airchecks is from Jimi Hendrix's tune "If 6 Was 9" from his "Axis: Bold as Love" album from 1967. It was also used in the soundtrack for "Easy Rider". The intro excerpted from the middle of the piece, where Hendrix was using feedback from his amp to create a psuedo-melodic electronic warbling that is unmistakably psychedelic. A perfect choice.