Friday, April 27, 2007

Marvin Vines Grandson Andy

I received a comment to post on the blog entry about Marvin Vines as follows:

Andy Vines has left a new comment on your post "Marvin Vines KAAY's Farm Service Director":

Marvin Vines was my grandfather. Thanks for the post as well as the sound check from 1971 where his voice is heard briefly at the beginning. I had not heard his voice in almost 30 years. I appreciate your work on this blog and in keeping the memory of the great KAAY alive.

Andy's email address did not show, so I would like to repond to him here and you all can read it also: Andy,

Great to hear from you. I worked with Marvin, your grandfather, for several years as the second Doc Holiday. I always looked forward to going to work early in the morning, knowing Marvin would already be there, having made the coffee, written his program and on the air.

Of course I never understood what he was talking about, but he knew the farm business forward and backward, and all I was interested in was rock and roll. He adapted to the change from KTHS to KAAY and supported us like we were all old neighbors.

I always wished I could have seen him speak to one of the meetings he was always going to.

Pat Walsh always held Marvin in such high regard and gave the rest of us so much grief.

I do have more material on Marvin and will be posting it in the future.

Thanks again for your comments. We must pass the past on to future generations.


For those of you who don't understand what we are talking about just go to the top and do a search on this blog for "Marvin Vines".

Friday, April 20, 2007

More, More, More of Sonny & Woody

Continued discussion of promotions, contests, basketball.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How Matt White a/k/a Sonny Martin came to KAAY.

Continuing on the Last Day broadcast, Barry Wood a/k/a Mike McCormick talks with Matt White about an Ear On Arkansas episode and how he came to KAAY.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Barry Wood a/k/a Mike McCormick on Last Day

I believe Barry Wood was the second Mike McCormick. He came to KAAY part time since hewas in the Air Force at the Little Rock Air Force Base. As I remember he worked on ICBMs or neculear missles or something scarey. I always worried that he would push "The Button" at the air force thinking he was at KAAY and playing "Eve Of Distruction". Barry was the most conciencous jock we had. He made an aircheck almost everyday and would listen to see how he could improve. To hear Woody on the last day be sure the green bar is moved to "Woody.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Magnolia from KAAY's Ear On Arkansas

This comes from the last day of KAAY broadcast. Barry Wood a/k/a Mike McCormick will introduce the bit from Ear on Arkansas. More on the "Last Day" broadcast as you scroll down but I must make a comment about Mary Smart. Mary was a copy writer at KAAY. I had worked with her at a previous station and we never got along. Mary was much older and I was a teenager. I hated her copy and we clashed constantly. However, to do Ear On Arkansas we pulled in all the voices we could find in the building. Mary had a very soft, very southern voice. Howard Watson A/K/A Ken Knight created the character Magnolia as a recurring part. This continued after Howard left and we even got Tommy Riggs to do a jingle into which you will hear on the clip.

To show you what a small world it is, Mary is buried a half mile from my house in Alma.

In the window change the green bar selection to "Magnolia"

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Last Day of KAAY

The last day KAAY was a top 40 radio station many of the prior DJs got together for a last broadcast. I don't know if the station sold the time to competitors or gave them the time, but several stations had announcements urging listeners to join them. One of those was Brother Hal from KLRA. This is very significant, in that Brother Hal usually led the local ratings. He was there before KAAY and as it ended the rock format. While I was at KAAY, I remember a big day of celebration when the Pulse survey showed I had beaten Brother Hal in a 15 minute segment. As the years past, I think there were several "books" where KAAY beat Brother Hal. He was always a thorn in our side. Brother Hal (Hal Weber) has passed away, but will always live in my memory. Here is a clip from the last day with Bro. Hal:

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sorry for lack of posts!

I have been wrapping up some projects and starting a new one, so my time has been limited for blogging.

I have discovered a number of tapes of the last day of KAAY as a rocker. I have just started to listen but there are some real jewels I will be sharing in a few days.

The submissions from those of you out there in radioland has dropped to nothing. Remember if you have reel to reels, 8 tracks, cassettes whatever of old KAAY material contact me and I will be happy to transfer them to digital and return your tapes. I can play any speed and even old broadcast cartidges. I know some of you must have made off with a few, dig them out and send them to me and I will transfer them.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Jennings Ark. Gazette-Democrat news story

Sorry for the delay in posting this. The Arkansas Democrat Gazette does not allow internet access to their paper without having a subscription. I had to rely on a friend to send the actual clipping. Click on the image to enlarge.