Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Tony Alamo

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It is so sad that, when people are presented with solid evidence, they continue to deny, delude and divert...even sadder, they point the finger of blame at the truth-seekers and truth-unveilers, saying THEY'RE deluded. This happens all too often in all walks of life, in all forms of communication, etc.

To be sure, our rights are to be innocent until proven guilty, but when evidence is overwhelming and obvious, someone like the Kool-Aid Drinker ought to just stand by with mouth closed, eyes and ears open...it is better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool, rather than open it and remove all doubt! Bud, Mobile, AL
On this blog I have posted current news reports about Tony Alamo because he had a compound here in Alma AR before his conviction and serving time in a Federal penitentiary.

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vdog said...

I recently checked the KAAY program schedule and Tony Alamo's program has been removed from the lineup.
Irvin Baxter host of Politics and Religion a very informative program weekday afternoons from 3-4 on KAAY will be in Arkansas the second week in October. Politics and Religion is a nationwide call-in program. The main topic talked about recently is the state of our country. There are things on this program you won't hear on FOX News,CNN,or MSNBC.
Irvin Baxter will first speak at the Northside United Pentecostal Church on 3700 N. Kelley Hwy. in Fort Smith on Thursday Oct. 9th at 7PM.
On Oct. 10th Irvin will speak at The Apostolic Church located at 4314 Landers Rd. in North Little Rock at 7:30 PM.
If you get the chance listen to Politics and Religion, you will hear a differnet perspective about the direction this country is possibly taking.