Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tony Alamo

Vdog write: My comment about Tony Alamo that has to do with KAAY is he has bought airtime from 1-2AM weeknights in the overnight hours.
I also want to chime in on the country music. Its been stated in a previous blog that its not the country music that keeps KSSN #1, its Bob Robbins. Also stated before back in the day, the biggest competition for KAAY was Brother Hal at KLRA.
Currently in the ratings, KKPT (The Point 94.1) is nipping on KSSN's heels to be the #1 overall station. Also the current home of Beaker Street.
My point is this, its still the people that make or break a radio station.

Many thanks for the comment. I did not know Tony Alamo had bought time on KAAY but I am not surprised. I am sure he used several 50,000 watt stations and probably TV.
He is a master at working the media. I question his claim to a million hits on his website, however, I am sure it is high traffic. It takes a cult leader like Alamo to turn the worst possible publicity and turn it into something that will benefit him.

You are also right on target with the country comments. Brother Hal played country music but it is the personality that gave us fits. I remember great celebration at KAAY when I beat him in one 15 minute segment in AM drive. It only happened in one book. You are right to about Bob Robbins. It doesn't matter what music he plays, he is the hoss.

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