Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Concert Ticket Prices

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Emerson, Lake and Palmer and The Eagles with Joe Walsh (who is, incidentally, a Ham radio operator, WB6ACU) were two memorable concerts I really remember here in Mobile, AL...back in the mid- to late-'70's, ticket prices were $5 general admission, $7 "down front". There were other concerts as well and I went to a lot of them, BUT, the city commissioners who took turns running what was back then the Municipal Auditorium, were busted and sent to prison for "misappropriation of funds"...in other words, they were stealing from the coffers of the auditorium and shorting pay to the bands coming here!

Needless to say, many acts went to Pensacola, FL and Biloxi, MS for a long time. Even at that driving distance, one could take $20, buy a ticket, pay for gas both ways and buy a burger and shake.

Here is a link to Joe walsh and a small sampling of his antique Ham Gear: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Wb6acu.png.

I spent a lot of money going to concerts...even still have a T-shirt or two...one memorable shirt is from Journey. It's a jersey with a tower, with lightening bolts emitting from it and "JRNY" in big letters on the tower, like a radio station. I have another Journey T-shirt in radio motif, and I have both (hopefully) safely stored away.

BTW, WABB here in Mobile is sponsoring Bayfest has gone retro in their announcing the event, sounding a LOT live Beaver Productions!

Bud, Mobile, AL


Anonymous said...

Here is another link to Joe Walsh's visit to the Amateur Radio Relay League headquarters and W1AW:


and here: www.joewalsh.com

Pretty nice guy on the air, I hear...I haven't been fortunate enough to talk to him...YET! Bud, KC4HGH, Mobile, AL

Anonymous said...

Here is a link of Joe Walsh on the air with his vintage Collins 20V3 transmitter, AM mode:


make sure your speakers are turned on! Bud, Mobile, AL