Friday, September 26, 2008

Fireproof Opens Today


Anonymous said...

A.J., this movie was fantastic! Opening night, it's gross receipts put it at #3 for the weekend Saturday morning. When my wife and I went Saturday afternoon, the 4PM showing was sold out and we barely got a 7PM seating...the theater was packed out! They even started adding additional times because of demand!

Michael Catt called our paster (they're very good friends) and marvelled at how well the movie was doing. I/we believe EVERY married couple, and every couple considering marriage, should see this movie!!!

I have to admit, the scene where the main character was trapped in a burning home, resuing a child, got to me...I am a former firefighter/Paramedic, and had a burning roof cave in on me. Just by the grace of God, my partner and I got out with minor burns...but I KNOW what it's like to be in a burning hell...even with the turnout suits, you feel like your being cooked alive.

The book, "The Love Dare" will be out soon...everyone should buy and go through it, or give it to someone, as soon as it's available. Thanks to Michael Catt and Sherwood Baptist Church for another great movie! And thank YOU, A.J., for advertising it on the blog! Bud, Mobile, AL

Dad said...


Thanks for drawing attention to "Fireproof". My wife works for Dayspring Cards and they actually underwrote showings in Siloam Springs and offered reduced price tickets. We saw the movie yesterday and it's a very compelling story, the acting is surprisingly good, and it's an incredible reminder of what's truly important in life. A few years ago my daughter recommended the book "The Wedding" and told me that it's a book men (and women) should read. I plan to return the favor and recommend the movie to her and my son-in-law.