Thursday, September 18, 2008

Interesting XM-Sirius Article

This may give you insight into the future of satellite radio.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, that shares have dropped. I've been exposed to Sirius through sales when I was at a local heavy-duty truck dealership and sold quite a few units...never had any exposure to XM. However, with Dish Network, we have Sirius music, as well as Dish's regular music channels- a waste of space, in my opinion, since they play the same stuff. Nonetheless, Howard Stern, nor Oprah Winfrey, would NOT be the reason for me to buy into either service, nor invest my hard-earned dollars in either of their payrolls.

I have also been of the mind that, if it's in the airspace, we should be able to receive it. But, according to law, we cannot freely unscramble or otherwise decrypt a signal, so, other than satellite TV, I have not subscried to anything digitized ...and all the time I'm on the road, I scan on AM radio or operate Ham radio. Bud, Mobile, AL