Sunday, September 28, 2008


You regular readers will know that I have been running a contest to find an Emperor Holiday comedy bit. No one has come close. However, in a new book "Clark Weber's Rock and Roll Radio" with a subtitle "The Fun Years 1955-1975" the is an audio CD included where Clark talks about "The Fun Years' and part of that is a brief discussion of "Emperor Weber". The excerpt you will hear was produced by Mark Century and syndicated around the country. This is one of the very early episodes. There was one exactly like this except the name was changed to Emperor Holiday and the task was to invade Oklahoma to take over the oil wells. (a great idea even today). Casey Kasem was the voice of Lt. Cavindhish.

I strongly recommend this book. It is coffee table book size and is a great conversation piece. Their are plenty of great pictures and the type is very large.... (I'm sure for us old folks) I really suggest this book for anyone interested in rock and roll radio from the inside.

I got mine through Amazon but I'm sure you can get if from you favorite bookseller.

Play the clip in the player on top to the right.

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