Sunday, September 21, 2008

iPod Cimment from reader

Which iPod is that? Is it the Touch, or is it the Nano with the 8 or 16 gig of memory?

The Touch, I'm not impressed with. My girlfriend has one, and everything is done using the touch screen. It's not very convenient for walking, biking or other activities. To do things like change the volume or skip to the next track you must look at the display. And if you don't hit the volume just right, you can have it suddenly jump to full volume!

My biggest complaint against all Apple hand held devices is the battery. It is not consumer replaceable. When the rechargeable battery goes, you have to send it in to Apple. The send you another device that they have replaced the battery in already. That means all your songs are lost forever. Hope you have them backed up.


Anonymous said...

My wife & daughter have iPods & loves ' son does not and literally hates them...and I have an mp3 device, which is nice, but I have no idea about the battery. It seems to last a long time and is easy to charge on the computer while loading. Needless to say, the devices are "throw-aways", and we have to waste money on other things.

Perfect example of "creating a need, then filling it". Bud, Mobile, AL

Gazmik said...

"...and I have an mp3 device, which is nice, but I have no idea about the battery."

I used to use a Sony player, but now I have a cell phone that takes microSD cards. For less than $15, I can get a new 1GB card, and I can swap them out depending on what I want to listen to. Plus, it has the advantage of if I have the headphones on and the phone rings, I know that it's ringing.