Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Concert Memories

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This is one area of my life where my memory doesn't serve me well. I guess it is because I didn't attend that many concerts, and when I did, it was usually with tickets from the radio station where I was working at the time. In Pine Bluff, I saw Steve Martin, Barbara Mandrell and the Statler Brothers, Willie Nelson and others. In Little Rock, it was the Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker, and others. The price that sticks in my mind is in the $10-12 range, but even that is fuzzy. I do remember that a friend of mine (who I voiced commercials for in Arkadelphia on the radio) gave me and my wife two tickets to the Voodoo Lounge concert at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock. That was the Rolling Stones (with Bryan Adams opening) in 1995. The tickets were $95 EACH. If we had not received those free tickets, I can assure you we would not have attended.

Richard Robinson

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Gazmik said...

Aren't comp tickets great? I got to see Bonnie Raitt at Red Rocks in Colorado with tickets from JVC. Bruce Hornsby opened for her, and she brought her father John out to do a couple of songs with her.

I saw the Voodoo Lounge tour at Soldier Field in Chicago. We didn't have tickets so we went to the ticket office at the gate and didn't have any choice in the tickets that we bought.