Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Country and Western music comment

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If you need a little more "western" in your country and have fun with it as well, catch the group "Riders In The Sky"...they've been around for 30+ years now and are a hoot to watch and listen to! I caught them on Crook and Chase this past weekend.

I grew up on rock & roll, but listen to a little country from time to time..."99 Lite" (another "slogan station") WMXC plays a lot of cross-over music.

I enjoy comedy, so I always enjoyed the likes of Ray Stevens and Justin Wilson.

Fom time to time, CMT airs the program, "Crossroads"; I happened to catch Allison Krause and Union Station one evening and really enjoyed that music.

Otherwise, I'm a talk radio type of person.

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