Wednesday, September 03, 2008


We have to mention on the blog that Sept. 3rd is the 46th birthday of KAAY

I had planned to do a video for the occasion....and still will. We are getting what is left of hurricane Gustav or whatever it's name is. Consequently I have been very busy getting projects done that have a "have to" rating.

It's hard to believe that 46 years ago today, The Baby Elephant Walk was being played over and over along with the DJs taking turns reading the Little Rock phone book and announcing current songs but the Baby Elephant Walk is all that played.

To see the original jocks and what songs would have been announced go to: click on the survey to read it clearly.

Notice the date on the survey is just a couple of weeks after the sign on broadcast.

Much is owed that original staff. They set the standard that KAAY was to live up to.


Gazmik said...

Was there flooding from Gustav in your area?

vdog said...

On Saturday Sept.13th, an old rivalry in football will take place. Arkansas will travel to Austin to take on Texas.
For the 1972 Arkansas-Texas game there was a bet between KAAY and WOAI in San Antonio.
If Arkansas wins,WOAI will have to give KAAY 100 pounds of steak. If Texas wins,KAAY will have to give WOAI 100 pounds of pork.
There was a side bet between Wayne Moss and a DJ at WOAI. The one who lost the bet would have to work the winners airshift and treat them to a night on the town.
At the end of the spot it said you can listen to the game anywhere in the country on either KAAY or WOAI.
Does anyone remember who won that game in 1972?