Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nancy Jennings passed on Sept 10 Last Year

I think the best tribute to Nancy I can give is to reprint a comment to this blog from Nancy about her husband, George Jennings.

George was my husband,and we were married for 45 years. I have been an observer of the radio biz during all that time. Did any of you ever realize how many newsperson I met and fed over the years. George always called us the last of the white collar migrantory workers. When we were engaged the year of 1960-1961, I was at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Tx, my sweet husband was broadcasting at WRR in Dallas and he would sign off with Sinatra version of "Nancy with the Smiling Face". I bet you never knew what a romantic person he was. I was always surprised at his inventiveness to keep me guessing. One cold day in Arkansas, I walked into the house and my piano was covered with daffodils, just what I needed after a hard day at work. I knew Spring was near.

We raised two fine boys together, and they turned out to be very nice people. I don't know how I would make it now without my Dean. Dean is my spacecadet who is a computer nerd. He lives in Boise, Id. after 10 years of creative nagging, he finally gave me a granddaughter called Genevieve. She called George "Grumps" and she calls me

Most of all, I remember our "children" that George trained and raised. I always told him I would never work for him, so I don't understand how any of you worked for or with him. He just about drove me crazy. He worked 14 hours a day, and he let me do my own thing. I was never burden with pushing him in his career, he did that himself. All I had to do was raise the boys, and keep house, and make him good food. He loved my cooking. I had a few fans outside the immediate family, AJ and Jim, didn't I make a mean dish of Spaghetti and meatballs.

George and I have had many adventures and were never afraid of the future. God always seem to take care of us. We've had money and we've been broke, such is life.

Someday, before I get too old, I would like to sit down with a bunch of you people, and you entain me with your "war" stories. You gave George great joy and headaches over the years, but he always bragged how good each and everyone became. He was sooooo proud of all of you. I think he taught you backbone and to never be afraid. Go for it kids, there still a lot of spark in all of you. Also know, George is f#%(&ing laughing his ass off at you all now that he's in heaven and you're not.

Love Nancy
12:18 PM

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