Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tommy Riggs a/k/a Rock Robbins

I've written extensively about Tommy on this blog. I try not to repeat myself. Understand that Tommy worked for me at three different stations, KXLR, KAAY, and KCLA. All those times Tommy alternated with his fascination for live performing and bands.
The longest he worked in radio I believe is when he came to Pine Bluff and worked for me as Program Director and when I went to Kansas City to manage a station Tommy was promoted to manager. It wasn't long to the lure of week long or even month long engagements at clubs lured him away from radio.

An interesting snip it from the Stax Records page. Scroll down about three quarters, and start reading with Charlie Oakle.:http://staxrecords.free.fr/news.htm

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