Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yet another KAAY Clyde Clifford Beaker Street

This aircheck is much better than the previous Beaker Street aircheck. In this one you will actually hear Clyde talk. Something missing in the last one. It starts coming out of a newscast with the show open.

Also interesting in this aircheck is a spot for a Rare Earth concert at Barton Coliseum, Aug 19th, 1971. Tickets are $4 in advance $5 at the door. Can you believe it. How many of you were alive when concerts were this cheap?

Parts of this aircheck are scoped and at the end George Jennings apparently did a rare late night DJ segment. He introduces the days lineup starting with Doc Holiday. This would have been Ray Brown a/k/a Doc Holiday. My guess is George is the only one they could find to cover that shift for some reason.

Be sure the player shows 8-14-1971 in the window:


Scott Reed said...

I lived in St. Louis in the early 70s and the price for concerts was generally $3, $4, and $5. Of course record albums were selling for about $3-4 then too.

I remember by the mid 70s tickets went to $4, 5, and 6.

Also in 1976, they held the first Superjam at the old Busch Stadium. I think tickets were something like $12 for a 5 group lineup.

SIU-EMRFkid69-71 said...

I worked the Mississippi River Festival @ SIU-E from 1969-71. general admission was $2.00 and if you wanted to sit under the tent it was a whoppin $5.00. Clyde Clifford, the Mighty 1090, the haunting dadnt dadnt, Hendrix If6 Was9, Dr. John They Call Me the Night Tripper, what music, what memories. Thank-you.