Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tony Alamo, Alma & Foulke AR

Again not much to do with KAAY. However, Tony Alamo has made international news. Tony's first "compound" was in Alma AR. Actually Dyer, AR which is like a suburb or Alma. Tony was long gone by the time I moved to Alma. The state and feds shut down the Alma businesses and the Dyer compound and sent Tony to jail. I believe he served his time in a federal pen in Texarkana. This may account for the location of Foulke, AR being chosen for the his new headquarters. (It's near Texarkana). Read previous posts about "the Foulke Monster" on this blog. (use upper left search box and search this blog) There is the KAAY connection. Once again, the fine folks of Foulke make the news. Who knows maybe even ANOTHER movie. (there were two movies about the Foulke monster) (The camera techniques are similar to Blair Witch Project)(Foulke monster movies are available from Netflix)

Back to Tony Alamo. If you haven't heard the Foulke location was raided by state and federal officials and 6 children were taken into protective custody. Tony was in California at the time where he seems to spend a lot of time.


vdog said...

My comment about Tony Alamo that has to do with KAAY is he has bought airtime from 1-2AM weeknights in the overnight hours.
I also want to chime in on the country music. Its been stated in a previous blog that its not the country music that keeps KSSN #1, its Bob Robbins. Also stated before back in the day, the biggest competition for KAAY was Brother Hal at KLRA.
Currently in the ratings, KKPT (The Point 94.1) is nipping on KSSN's heels to be the #1 overall station. Also the current home of Beaker Street.
My point is this, its still the people that make or break a radio station.

Crime News said...

Yesterday, FBI Special Agents arrested Bernie Hoffman, also known as Tony Alamo in Flagstaff, Arizona. A federal Arrest Warrant was issued for Alamo by United States Magistrate Barry A. Bryant in the Western District of Arkansas for violating United States Code Title 18, Section 2423. This statute is defined as knowingly transporting a minor (under 18) across state lines with the intent to engage in sexual activity. If convicted of the alleged crime, Alamo could be imprisoned for 5 to 30 years.

Anonymous said...

You really should do a search/replace for Foulke, AR change to Fouke, Ar.

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