Sunday, March 09, 2008

KAAY Logos

We never seemed to have a good consistant one. The logo that you see on the top of this blog, is the first logo. It seems like each program director developed a different logo or change to the current one. It's a shame because a station like KAAY deserves a good logo. Early on Jim Hankins (Mike McCormick) used an elephant, but we never seemed to develope a good elephant drawing incorporated into the logo.
Over the years it evolved into plain jane type with no particular style of theme.
Here is a comment regarding logo stuff:

There is a website where you can buy old radio station memoribilia.
Go to and look over the radio station memoribilia from the late '50's through the '70's. There are different radio stations across the country,the logo KAAY used in the mid to late 60's and another in the early 70's is available.
They sell shirts, stickers, coffee mugs,etc.
I found an interesting find at an estate sale last summer. It was a toy '65 or '66 gold fastback Mustang with KAAY written on both doors.

It should be pointed out that the merchandise on Radioland is reproductions of station logos. The two for KAAY are OK but they are not the ones I remember fondly. The second one in particular is unfamiliar to me.

The comment on the Mustang toy is very significant. There were very few of those given away and my guess is that it was a George J. Jennings promotion during the time when the mobile unit was a Mustang. PLEASE take a photo of it and email it to me to share with everyone.

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