Sunday, November 23, 2008

Where Were You?

Everyone remembers where they were when they heard JFK had been shot. I would really like to have lots of comments of where you were. So please leave one.

I think I have said before, I was working for KAAY and going to college. I was in the car headed for school when I heard the news and made a u-turn back to the station. George J. Jennings was on his way to Dallas for vacation. (He was originally from Dallas) He drove even faster and immediately started calling in reports. We had no network at the time, so we originated everything. At first it was Associated Press reports but then as George started feeding reports, and we were able to get voicers from other stations the coverage grew rapidly. I don't remember when we decided rock and roll was not appropriate at the time, but at some point we suspended top 40. Jim Pitcock put together a great hour long special with voice tracks from everyone at the station, actualities, and some of the best production music I have ever heard. Jim and I lament that the master recording has been lost and no copy has ever surfaced. I remember we needed a short clip of "Taps" to play under some narration. We couldn't find it anywhere and a fraternity friend Bob Sealy put his fingers in his mouth close to the mike and made us a recording of taps.

So, where were you? Leave a comment.

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