Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Favorite Radio Station WCFL

Every DJ has his favorite radio station other than his own. Mine was WCFL. It really didn't become my favorite until after I left KAAY. I became familiar with a jingle package done by Chuck Blore for WCFL. I was so impressed. When I moved to Decatur, Il to the TV station Lin Broadcasting had purchased WAND,I could hear WCFL during the day. This was the time period when Dick Orkin was at CFL and Chickenman was produced. Their production was the greatest in the country. The DJs were also super. Larry Lujack went back and forth between WLS and WCFL. I believe Ken Draper was the PD responsible for the sound. Here in the player on the far right is an aircheck shortly after Thanksgiving in the 70s. If someone can nail the year I would appreciate it. Also, here is the link for anyone wanting to save it to your computer:


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Anonymous said...

Hi AJ -

WCFL canned Draper in 1972 and brought in John Rook as a consultant - that's how 'CFL was able to coax Lujack away from WLS.

It was during this stretch that 'CFL beat WLS in the ratings (the one-and-only time). I believe Rook was gone by 1975, and by March 1976, WCFL was playing beautiful music - with old Uncle Lar' reading liners 4X per hour!

Yes, WCFL was a GREAT station that will live forever in our airchecks!!