Monday, November 10, 2008

Beaker Background Music

John Shultz said...

I listened to the attached aircheck, and it's a different date than the one I was referring to. What you sent me uses music that sounds for all the world like a music library needle drop from the late sixties or early seventies, the kind of stuff that got direct distribution to production houses and stations, but was ultimately disposable. Unless you cross paths with a good-natured radio old-timer who has both a great memory and a packrat obsession, the origin of that piece of music is likely long lost, and the probability of laying one's hands on it just about non-existent. But I'd love to be proven wrong on this...

The cut I was describing is from the 4/3/71 aircheck, which starts with the three-testicle voice intoning "The Mighty 1090". There are two pieces of "If 6 Was 9" used there, but there's also a wolf howl edited in. Any ideas where that came from? My first guess would be some obscure Ted Nugent, but that's just a guess.


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