Thursday, March 26, 2009

More More Citidel

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A.J., just in Alabama alone, it looks like Citadel owns three AM and eight FM stations, eleven in all...many around the Birmingham, Northport, Tuscaloosa areas, as well as Reform, Greensboro and Coaling, AL.

That's a lot of equipment and stations packed into that market, urban-adult contemporary, sports talk, sports, oldies, "hot AC", news/talk, the whole gauntlet.

If these stations go out, there'll be a lot of shift over to other stations...unless, they weren't so great to begin with...then, it would be up to someone if they were to buy them up and keep the format or change. Living in Mobile, AL, there's no opportunity to hear them...and, even with a Wineguard log periodic antenna (a super-duper TV/FM receiving antenna), it's hard to hear anything at that distance under normal conditions.

Likewise, with the AM stations, since many cut their power at night (we have one in Mobile that cuts to 10 watts!)'d be difficult, unless one had a HEAP of real estate for a rhombic antenna! At that point, these are fixed receiving would take acres and acres to build several to point in all directions!

Needless to say, I hope an equitable solution can be found to keep these stations alive and people employed. Bud, Mobile, AL

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