Friday, March 06, 2009

This blog may be shower for a while

I have cancer and am receiving chemotheropy treatments. I covet your prayers.
Please continue to submit material and comments, It may be a little slower getting them up.

A.J. Lindsey


Anonymous said...


You'll definitely be in my prayers along with your Doctors for wisdom in treating you correctly. God Bless.

Jim Harvill

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you! I grew up listening to KAAY at night here in Kansas City. It was a great station to listen to! I just discovered your blog and it brings back so many great memories. Take care and get better.

Jim in KC

Doug Krile said...

Good luck, AJ. Chemo can do wonders these days. Be tough. Be optimistic.

Lancer said...

Best of luck to you AJ, our prayers are with you. We appreciate the good work you do on this site very much. Take care.

Russell W. said...

Godspeed, A.J. Prayers and thoughts from Georgia. Stay 50 kW strong.

--Russell Wells