Thursday, January 08, 2009

Can Someone Help with a date for Frank Woods

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Well, A.J., you never know what you'll find sometimes...I just happened to pick up the log sheets I had when I was a kid and was looking them over and just happened to turn over a sheet- on the back, I had several scribbled references, one was, "Frank Woods, KAAY, Little Rock, AR 72203" and another was, "Lord Have Mercy On My Soul, Black Oak Arkansas", and "Beaker Street. P.O. Box 1971, Little Rock, AR". I did a search on Frank Woods and found one reference to him reading COMEX News here on the blog...what was the time frame when he was there, please? Thanks! Bud, Mobile, AL

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Anonymous said...

Could have been Barry Woods aka Mike McCormick in the 70's????