Friday, January 02, 2009


Yesterday, A HOLIDAY, this blog scored one of the highest number of hits ever. Thanks again Ron for the "Greatest Aircheck Ever" (scroll down and see the post and listen to the aircheck). Normally, weekends and holidays are very slow, but Ron's teaser campaign helped bet great hits. I was also astounded with the KTHS listener. Since this is a KAAY blog we tend to forget there was a small contengent of KTHS listeners who must have been upset at the change. KTHS was a CBS radio affiliate with block programing. Tommy Trent did a country show. The only programing that made the change to KAAY was Marvin Vines and his farm reports at 5:30 AM and at noon. I have written several times about Marvin Vines. Just do a search in the upper left box and search this blog.

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