Saturday, January 17, 2009

Current KAAY Changes

From a reader:

The Citadel Corp., also the current owner of KAAY has made cuts. People have
either lost their jobs or been demoted. I don't know if you know this person or not,
longtime salesman Tom Longfellow, primarily at KARN was given a forced retirement.
Also, longtime traffic reporter Mike Willingham, also mainly at KARN, lost his job too.
John Scuderi is no longer managing KAAY, he is now working sales at the Citadel
I was surprised to see that Tom Longfellow was still working. I have known Tom for all these years. What a great broadcaster he is. I hope someone will write a profile on him for the blog.


Anonymous said...

I read an announcement in the paper
this morning that Clear Channel is cutting 1,850 jobs around the country. Clear Channel is the largest media market in the country.
They own radio stations in Little Rock, Fort Smith & Fayetteville.
They didn't comment on which jobs in Arkansas were cut.

Anonymous said...

I miss Mike Willingham's traffic reports. I wondered what happened to him. I also do not enjoy listening to KARN like I used to. The afternoon guy focuses on so many topics that I just don't care about, and the morning guy impresses me as nice, but not too smart. Additionally, they used to have a few women on air, and they've got rid of all them, too. Perhaps if there were more women who had input on the programming decisions, there would be more women who listened because the topics wouldn't be exclusively for male audiences.

Anonymous said...

hey it's john scuderi - i did manage kaay sept 2006 thru december 2008 it was the best job i've ever had! Citadel turned me into a sales person, i was thankful not to be cut all together. But since I Love manageing christian radio I went to go work for Spirit 93.3fm kksp. contact me at if you like to say hi.