Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Greatest Aircheck Ever Revised

Thanks to Ron for continuing to improve "The Greatest Aircheck Ever".

If you saved the first one posted here you might want to change to this one:

Ron identifies the date as Sunday evening, September 2, 1962 which I believe to be completely accurate. I now think that the voice on the two recorded production elements is Dub Murry a/k/a the first Doc Holiday. I would sure like to here from some of the guys who were there to help identify/verify the voices. Based on the time of day of the recording, I would assume the voice reading the names is Tom Campbell, aka the first Rob Robbins.

Here is Ron's comments on the revision:

Hello A.J.,

My friend Andy Nemec, KB9ALN, informed me there was a heterodyne in my KTHS recording. It is around 5000 Hz. That is the frequency at which my ears ring, so I couldn't hear it. He removed the tone with a notch filter. I am sending the modified file to you. I decided to see if I could hear the tone by using the graphic equalizer in Cool Edit Pro. When I increase the 5 KHz range up to 18 decibels, I hear it plenty loud. Nobody, including my wife Linda, told me the tone was there when I asked them to listen to the file. I wonder if her hearing loss is greater than I previously thought. Let me know what you think about the tone being removed on the attached file. I think it is an improvement.



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David Lewis said...

You mention Dub Murry as the real name of the first Doc Holiday in Little Rock. Here in Nashville at WKDA, we had Robert Murray DJ'ing as Doc Holiday in '64 - '65. The similarity in real names leads me to believe Dub Murry and Robert Murray are the same Doc Holiday, though I haven't heard anything about him since 1969.