Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another Beaker Street Aircheck

Normally weekends are slow on the blog. The Beaker Street Aircheck has done wonders for the weekend hits. Sooooooooo let's keep it up. Here is an aircheck from 7-3-1970.

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Doug Krile said...

Oh, my! AJ, just keep them coming! Such memories from growing up in the upper midwest!


Anonymous said...

I'll bet I know why there were a bunch of hits on the blogsite...the realism of the broadcast & airchecks, and along with the memories, the "pop" of the needle as it played through the quiet spot on the King Crimson selection!

Listening to today's Beaker Street feels so....well, sterile...CD's leave something to be desired where memories are revived....Bud, Mobile, AL