Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bumper Stickers

JIn the early 60s radio station bumper stickers were a must. I have written of this before and posted pictures of KAAY stickers promoting the Razorbacks. The KAAY bumper stickers were always tied into contests. The follow contest always offered to double the prize money if the person had a KAAY bumper sticker on the car.

The bumper sticker evolved to a window sticker and today's generation doesn't seem to want any kind of sticker.

As KLAZ (originality a Little Rock FM) grew in audience, I thought they had the best window sticker ever and it is included in the group pictured above, thanks to Q-Sky, a blog reader.


Anonymous said...

Cool bumper stickers, A.J.! I had a friend who collected them 20 or so years ago and I went all over Mobile to get them & other memorabelia for him...he, in turn, sent me a few from Hawaii, when he lived there. I'll try to find them & forward them on to you ASAP! Bud, Mobile, AL

Anonymous said...

I remember the KLAZ98 stickers. Many teenagers cut off the "KLA" part and just put the "Z98" in the window.