Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thanks for the Hits and Comments

Thanks to your comments and posting several a day, kept the hits up over a weekend that has historically been slow for traffic on the blog.

Our hits were actually up over the Memorial Day weekend.

I know there are dozens of you out there who gobble all this stuff up and never comment.

I have a garage full of tapes and stuff, and it's your comments that keep me and others looking, converting to digital, and posting the airchecks.

I will be working on a Digital Camera class most of the day, but I thought I would give you a heads up on a couple of up coming KAAY items.

For the summer swimming season, I will be putting on Ebay, a KAAY inflatable air mattress. It has the KAAY logo and a Razorback. This is an old item and I'm not sure what year it is from. My guess would be late 70s.

Also I will be having a scavenger hunt or contest just for blog readers. To give you a head start, what I am looking for is a recording of any of the hundreds of episodes of Emperor Holiday that ran on KAAY. They were minute episodes with Colonel Splended, Lt. Cavendish, and Daphnie. The all ended with "join now. Become a Lt. in Emperor Holiday's Commandos. Send a self addressed stamped envelope to Emperor Holiday, KAAY P.O. box .........

The prize will be a very rare item. Photo and info to follow.

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