Sunday, May 11, 2008

Beaker Street Remembered in Cuba

Please never send email to the Podomatic website. I never read it. Today, I got an email through that site and it caused me to look in the mail box. There were two emails from Cuba. I guess I better start reading Podomatic.

The following message came in December 2007. Sorry Tony for taking so long to read it. Know that comments like this keep this blog going.

Dear Doc,
I sent you a mail last saturday to your Yahoo address. I hope to got it. It was on Saturday that I've discovered your site, looking as always for trivia on KAAY and Beaker Street. Then on Sunday I discovered your blog and spent hours reading all the information that you have posted. It is amazing all the work you have done, which for me, gives a body and a soul to the music that we used to hear back in the 60's and early 70's, when KAAY reached us at night. For us, it was almost as religion, getting together with the lucky one who had a radio back then, and sharing the music that was the forbidden fruit in Cuba. We didn't have clothes or food, but we had KAAY to nourish our souls. We still remember and speak of it everytime we get together. Back in 1998, I was posted to Paris, France, and was able to have internet (none was available in Cuba) and searching for KAAY I found the Beaker Street site. I was so moved by it that I mailed and mailed Clyde Clifford, who dedicated two songs to us on April 19, 1998. I've been in contact with him since then, and I've asked him to try to find some tapes from back then, but he always too busy; maybe you would be kind enough to find some of the evening programs of KAAY and also of Beaker Street and mail them to a friend of mine in Florida, who can send them to me. It would be something unique to us, kind of recuperating our young days gathered together close to a transistor radio.
Could you also post again in your blog the two Beaker airchecks, please? I can get somebody to download them for me, or maybe I will have enough speed to download them myself.
Keep on bringing back to us the Mighty 1090!!!! It was unique, it was our bond to the music we love forever.
Sincerely your,
Tony ------z

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Anonymous said...

I have also e-mailed Dale/Clyde numerous times, with no responses; I thought it was just me! Needless to say, I've gotten TONS more out of this blog than I ever expected! I will continue to check in, send in info as I find it and contribute whenever I can! I, like Tony, am enjoying reliving my youth through your efforts, A.J., so keep up the good work! Bud, Mobile, AL