Saturday, May 24, 2008

Comment on comment on Beaker Street

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Hi A.J.,

First, thanks for all the recent airchecks! Your efforts at preserving this
material are truly appreciated.

Some 40 (!) years ago, I listened to Beaker Street almost nightly
(never even thought about taping it!),and the airchecks bring back
a lot of memories. What struck me from listening to the airchecks
was how mysterious and new both the music and Clyde Clifford sounded.
There was something special happening here....

Regarding Bud's comment about CDs, well, I agree that CDs sounded lousy
till the late 90s, when engineers finally figured out how to master the
things properly. I bought LPs up to a few years ago, but now I feel OK
with CDs. (I kept my vinyl and turntables and do have a tube amp, by the
way --- the amp heats my basement in the winter!)

Regarding the current Beaker Street show, well, I faithfully listen every Sunday,
and Clyde and his playlist have evolved, like all of us --- it really is that Clyde
and all of us have ``grown up'' together, and it's absolutely great that the show
is still going and that we have the web stream to substitute for the AM signal.
(I'm hoping that Clyde will keep going into his 80s just like Danny Williams at KOMA!)

By the way, when Clyde's show moved from the ClearChannel feed at Magic 105
to KKPT's, the sound went from ``cold FM stereo'' to mono, and it sounds
like listening to AM again! The fact that Clyde is broadcasting from the old KAAY
building helps the ``karma'', too.

Have a good Memorial Weekend, and I'll be checking in on WLS on Monday....

Best regards,
Dave Schmidt
Manhattan, KS

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